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I’m S. Specifically, the S of supernaturalsnark, wherein I bitch about Supernatural, television and sometimes political related buffoonery. I have now moved onto posting about other things and I feel like a blog called Supernatural Snark should be what it is. Except for when it isn’t but, whatever. I will leave any TV show related posts to that site.

Everything else will go wherever I feel like posting it, lol.

Here, I plan to post about a collection of random things and responses to prompts. Basically anything I feel that isn’t relevant to my other blog.

So, yeah. Hi!


One-Liner Wednesday – Trends come and go…

The truth about conformity, is it bites without a sting
Trends come and go, but when you’re alone it doesn’t mean a thing

I always champion being a trend setter instead of a trend follower. It’s cheaper, less stressful and you don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other people.

This my entry for this week’s One-Liner Wednesday. Deets are here.

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Don’t think that you’re so great (1)

Today, or well yesterday and today because I am well versed in dysfunctionality, has been interesting.

I tried to stand up for myself.

In my life, that’s a rare occurrence.

I panicked over it, thought about it constantly, but I did it and once again, I’m faced with the repercussions. 

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Finsbury Park 

You know, all of the terrorists attacks that have happened so far have been in areas that I don’t really know. I know of them and they may be close but I don’t know them as well as I know Finsbury Park. 

Finsbury Park is one that I know very, very well. This shit is beyond close to home. I’m sickened and horrified by this. My stomach has been sinking since I heard the news. I feel for the victims, for those who were just going about their lives. Horrible doesn’t even cover it. 

The media are calling it an ‘incident’ and not terrorism because the perpetrator is white. They do this every time. If you’re black or brown, you’re a terrorist. If you’re white, you’re mentally ill. It’s frustrating. 

What’s doubly frustrating is that I keep seeing anti-Muslim sentiment, fucking Trump supporters are chiming in. White people are claiming there they’re scared of retaliation and just, it’s always funny how people make these things about them.

More later. 


Time-Bomb Ticking Away [song of the week]

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all
A storm awaits behind the door
Disgruntled right down to the core
We still go on


Watching the time bomb ticking away
Watching the time bomb nobody cares ’till it’s too late
Watching the time bomb ticking away
Watching the time bomb you better pray you’re somewhere safe


Oh, we got a time bomb ticking away inside
And the only way to make us laugh is to make us cry

[Billy Talent, Time-Bomb Ticking Away]

short stories, writing

clouded in a heavy sourness [short story]

Written for Prompt #44 (below) – from this post

The maid is not a maid, the house is not a home

My life isn’t what I’d call conventional. It’s okay, it’s good, whatever people define as not bad. I live in a huge house. By huge, I mean, huge. There’s ten bedrooms, probably more bathrooms and enough scented candles to stock an apocalyptic safe house. I have want I want and I can’t complain.

That’s how I’d describe my life to a stranger at least.



Nothing is wrong.

Smiles aplenty.

In reality, it’s fucked up.  Continue reading “clouded in a heavy sourness [short story]”


Grenfell Tower Fire

  • Heartbreaking
  • Frustrating
  • Residents complained for YEARS. 
  • £1m renovations were carried out. It’s believed that cheap materials used to clad the building contributed to the spread of the fire. 
  • This happened in the richest borough in London – shameful.
  • An investigation is under way but this wouldn’t have happened had they heeded the warnings given to them multiple times
  • Did I say heartbreaking? 😢

There are no words for this kind of incident. As of writing 17 people are dead but given that hundreds of people lived in the building and that it happened at around 1am onwards… there will most likely be more fatalities.

… It’s just extremely sad. 


One-Liner Wednesday | All Things Are Possible

All things are possible when you wearing purple converse

My friend and I love purple. We are also underwhelmed by life so we are trying to find solace in the unlikeliest of places. Such as my purple converse! 

This is a a response to One-Liner Wednesday. You can find out more and participate here