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I’m S. Specifically, the S of supernaturalsnark, wherein I bitch about Supernatural, television and sometimes political related buffoonery. I have now moved onto posting about other things and I feel like a blog called Supernatural Snark should be what it is. Except for when it isn’t but, whatever. I will leave any TV show related posts to that site.

Everything else will go wherever I feel like posting it, lol.

Here, I plan to post about a collection of random things and responses to prompts. Basically anything I feel that isn’t relevant to my other blog.

So, yeah. Hi!

the quietest person

So, I was at work when someone turned to me and we had this exchange:

Person: Snark, you are the quietest person I’ve ever met in my life

Me: [laughs] I’m tired…[not today, please, not today]

Person: You’re so quiet! I can’t work in silence!

Me: Oh, really?

Person: Yeah, silence gives me a headache

Me: [that explains a lot…]

I had the same conversation with the same person a few weeks ago. I think people look at me talking to other people and then feel some kind of way when I say nothing to them. 

I mean, yeah, I am very quiet. If I don’t really know you, I won’t say much to you. It’s part of my social anxiety. Or maybe it’s just me. Luckily for me, I’m used to being told that I’m quiet and I’m used to people thinking I’m kind of strange. 

I don’t think anyone is quiet on purpose. I get lost in my head a lot and often, people have to repeat themselves for me to even engage in a conversation. I’ve actually picked up this habit of repeating stuff back just to give myself time to get back in the present and to cover up any awkward silence.

That’s just me, though. Either I know you and we’re cool or I don’t really know you and we’re on a hi/bye basis. I hope that people don’t take it personally. I sometimes can tell that people think I’m maybe kind of stuck up. Like, I’m too good to talk to them, but I’m not. If someone says something to me, I’ll talk back. I’m just not good at initiating conversation unless I really have something to say. 

This is mostly because sometimes when I start talking, I feel like the other person just wants me to shut up. And then I get nervous and keep going, and I hate myself after and replay it over and over and over and over and over. 

So, it’s easier just to say nothing. 

That’s me.

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my eyes are shady | Random Thoughts #35

9th August 

I start work in four hours and I’ve slept for about three hours. I’ve been up doing…God knows what for three hours. Reading. Reading stuff I’ve read many times before. I’m nuts. I don’t know what I was doing. 

Anyway, I have a raging headache and need to nap so obviously, I turned to Bob and his brand of boredom. 

  1. “It’s good to be back in the car that you’re comfortable in,” he says, after informing us that he got a lollipop while picking it up from the shop. I snorted and rolled my eyes. Receiving a lollipop is an Instamoment now. Go figure.
  2. He’s talking about how it’s a beautiful day and he’s driving but..I have no idea why he’s not focusing on the road. It’s this kind of nonsense that keeps me off the road. I’ll say more on this below. 
  3. Before clicking on the third video I thought, ‘Dear God, put your hat back on,’ but you know, I’m the Queen of Messy Hair ™ so I take it back. I can’t hear what he’s saying because he has music playing. While posting to Insta. Dude. Get your life together, please. Or turn it down. #GrandmaAtHeart
  4. Bob with a cute kitty. I was too busy awwing to have a snarky thought, but my eye is watering randomly, so there’s that. My eyes are shaaaady. 
  5. His animal baby talk leaves a lot to be desired, he really should just mute it. I felt queasy listening to it. The cat is super cute, though. 

Fucked up shit that I read about this week:

  • Psychotic jogger who pushed a woman into the path of a bus
  • Live stream murder – the 18 year old who killed her sister after crashing her car while livestreaming. She continued to live stream the aftermath and broadcasted her dead sister for all to see.

– Joggers are fucking nuts. The worst ones are those that insist on jogging on a crowded street and then get pissed off when people have the audacity to walk. Go somewhere else. 

– Posting videos while driving is something I don’t get. Bob used to do it a lot, and I was even commending him in my head for stopping (although, I don’t watch half of his videos so….), when I saw these ones and I was like… oh. I guess so long as the phone is in a holder and the driver isn’t impaired it’s not going to be a big issue but a second is all it takes. If I got into a car and saw someone doing that, I wouldn’t go anywhere with them. 

Anyway, never got around to that nap. Fuck everything. It’s now 03:28 and I’m trying to work on my job application (see previous post). I fell asleep for about an hour or so. I look awful. My eyes are red. I look like a zombie. My head. Oh, my head. 

Imma close out with some Daria (I’m on a 90s TV show kick right now! I will do a post on the other blog about it). 

This is so frustrating | Unplugged #3

Thing I’m doing: job application

Written 9th August

Okay, so, the last time I actually applied for a job was a while ago. Shortly before that disgusting slump I went (and am still going) through – that I spoke about here

Anyway, I found a job that sounds good and it doesn’t even have annoying questions. I just need to write a statement and I don’t think there’s any word count or anything. However, the job description is very detailed. Luckily, I have a really good template for the skills section and that’s done. However, the qualifications and experience is where I need to do the real work. 

Now, it’s due on Friday at 5pm and I’m nowhere near done. I put it off for a long time. I was supposed to complete it over the weekend, but that didn’t happen. Given that I’m miserable at my current job, I should be eager to complete it but… physically and mentally, it’s like I’m still recovering from everything. There’s this weird haziness that I’ve had over the past two weeks. Not even fatigue but haziness. Basically, if I don’t take a Vitamin B complex pill, I can barely function. 

Right now I work part-time, so it’s okay. I wonder if some part of me is just reluctant to go from a job where I’m more or less afforded the flexibility to manage how bad I feel to one where I’m doing 40+ hours. I wonder because whenever I sit down to work on this, I last five minutes before my brain becomes so foggy that I can’t think. It’s like someone has shoved cement marshmallows in my head and I’m trying to claw past them. It feels like shit and I’m slowly running out of ideas. Out of all of the issues I’ve had in life, this is the most awful one. My back condition, I can manage, the low moods and anxiety, I can manage, but not feeling like I can think straight, I can’t manage. 

It’s really irritating. It’s maddening. I would be angry if I could manage it. Instead I feel… like I’m wading in water. Ugh. I know I ought to go to the doctor, but the thought of going through tests and everything is so exhausting that I don’t bother. 

Anyone got any tips? I don’t think this is a mental thing anymore. It started off that way, but that’s a post for another time. Now it’s physical. I’m not tired but I’m always in pain, there’s always something. A few weeks ago I had a panic attack (I think I blogged about that? Idk) and while I blamed it on work, I discovered that it was probably the pain medication that caused that meltdown. 

I didn’t take a sinking pill afterwards until Tuesday when I was like, fuck it. It worked wonders, but halfway through getting my words mixed up I realised that codeine on an empty stomach isn’t the best idea. I was all over the place and not in a good way. Now it’s faded and I can’t tell if this heaviness in my brain is the drowsiness side effect or just regular scheduled programming. Probably both. 

Ah, anyway, today’s unplugged was my job application and it didn’t quite work out but I’m determined to get back on this horse. Wish me luck. 🙂

Best. Thing. Ever. | Unplugged #2

I was writing a story over the weekend and I got to a very familiar stage. How to describe emotions. I’m really bad at describing settings and also dialogue tags that aren’t the basic he said, she said. 

Obviously, someone can be sad, but how do you actually describe that. 

Usually I’d write:

“I feel so sad,” Bob said with a forlorn expression on his face. 

“That’s a shame,” John replied. 

I suppose that’s fine, but when I write, I visualise everything in my head, so in a longer stretch of dialogue all I see is two people standing there talking. Sometimes I try to write in whatever movements they’d have, but there are so many emotions out there that it’s hard to find. 

Eventually, I did sort of plug in and beg Google for help and I discovered The Emotion Thesaurus

You can buy it on Amazon (or do I what I did and Google it and stumble upon a PDF copy).

It’s the best thing ever. It has a bunch of emotions like say, ‘curiosity’ and it gives you a list of physical actions, internal feelings and the mental side of things. Just flipping through entries was a great help. 

My character can be sad, but now they’re not just standing in a blank room feeling sad, but they’re an actual human being doing human being things like looking down at the ground, staring into the distance, toying with the hem of their sweater (okay, I don’t know about that one) and all sorts of things that actually bring them to life. 

Anyway, that was my discovery over the weekend and provided that I remember to use it, I feel like it’s going to improve my writing a lot. 


the end is nigh for the star of random thoughts by a bitchy blogger

Today (or yesterday for me) was so awful that you get this post about Bob. I’m not even going to call it Random Thoughts, it’s just…Bobservations

So, after his little snarky remark about someone running, Bob had that live thing on Instagram, but I didn’t watch it. However, later, I was told what was in it. 

You know how I said he was on a TV show and not even the hottest guy on the show? Well, he’s not coming back to the show. I still think he’s a douche once removed, but the news kind of broke my heart for ten minutes. At first I was sad for myself (who am I going to mock now?), and then I was sad for him, and then I was sad for the fans (some of them are piiiiiissed). 

Personally, he could be on the show or not on it and it doesn’t really affect me, but a lot of people kind of wanted to see him back. I’d like to see him back but you know, it is what it is. I’d like to be a billionaire, but I’m not. That’s life. 

Bob still has his Instagram (where he can get all the love and validation he so clearly needs) and whatever is keeping him from the show. He will survive, even if he’s petrified at first. 

Anyway, now that he’s not coming back, I have no real reason to follow him. So… this might be the end of Bob. He might get cancelled twice. Not that me snarking about him counts. He can’t add that to his IMDB. Star of ‘Random Thoughts’ by a bitchy blogger on WordPress. Lol!

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