sup, world.

Welcome to Hip To Be Snark! I'm S. Specifically, the S of supernaturalsnark, wherein I bitch about Supernatural, television and sometimes political related buffoonery. I have now moved onto posting about other things and I feel like a blog called Supernatural Snark should be what it is. Except for when it isn't but, whatever. I will leave any … Continue reading sup, world.


birthday blues

It's my birthday today. 20th October to be exact. I somehow hit publish without realising. I'm gonna schedule it again for midnight now because I can't be trusted.  Anyway, yeah, birthday schmirthday.  Wooooooooo-wheeeeee! I am not a big fan of birthdays.  When I turned... Let's just say, 21, I was by myself. It was an … Continue reading birthday blues

Open Letter Challenge #1-2 

Day 1 of the 30 Day Open Letter Challenge is to write an open letter to a significant other or future significant other.  I am in a committed relationship with my bed, so, here it goes. Dear Bed, I wish you would just tidy yourself up sometimes. It's very frustrating when I mess you up before I … Continue reading Open Letter Challenge #1-2 

social anxiety things

In terms of social anxiety, I think I've come a long way from where I was year ago. A year ago I could barely walk into McDonald's and now they have card reader machines that mean that I can do even less talking. It's awesome. Jokes aside, social anxiety is so fucked up. I don't … Continue reading social anxiety things

Please try again later

I'm trying to clear out my old drafts because every new post I write is not fit for purpose. I might as well dust off the cupboard. Or something.  I got another 'you're so quiet' today, so I'm just going to talk about writing instead.  Right now my writing process is this: Opens Google Docs/Word … Continue reading Please try again later

song lyric sunday (2)

This week's theme is bragging. I couldn't think of anything because I'm completely selfless and humble and my music choices reflect this one hundred percent.  Psycheeee.  Anyway,  naturally, I turned to Mariah Carey's diss track about Eminem. Not sure what happened between those two, but this song is a classic.  And it's a Mean Girls … Continue reading song lyric sunday (2)