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Welcome to Hip To Be Snark!


I’m S. Specifically, the S of supernaturalsnark, wherein I bitch about Supernatural, television and sometimes political related buffoonery. I have now moved onto posting about other things and I feel like a blog called Supernatural Snark should be what it is. Except for when it isn’t but, whatever. I will leave any TV show related posts to that site.

Everything else will go wherever I feel like posting it, lol.

Here, I plan to post about a collection of random things and responses to prompts. Basically anything I feel that isn’t relevant to my other blog.

So, yeah. Hi!

Life, Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts #11

More Instagram rambling. I always feel like an awkward grandma when I’m on social media so I’m sharing my journey with you all. Enjoy, LOL. 

So, today, I watched some stories. I follow less than 30 people so there’s only ever usually two that need to be watched. One was of some guy in his car. I’m fairly certain that he wasn’t saying anything. I mean, his lips weren’t moving but I also didn’t unmute the video, so…It was weird. I was just wondering why he was looking directly at the camera. Maybe I will unmute it next time. Anyway, his dog is cute, though! The next one was just general stuff by a friend of mine. 

At some point, I liked a bunch of Awkward Yeti comics (they’re so freaking cute!)

After that I was kind of wondering if I should post something. My page is kind of dead. Pictures of myself were out. My face is not Instagram friendly. I didn’t have any nice scenery pictures, or anything worth posting at all, so I settled on a picture of these PJ bottoms that have a fun quote on them. It’s cropped so that you can’t really tell it’s my leg so…It was perfect for the ‘gram. Right? Anyway, I cropped it some more, added the filter and then came the caption. 

First, I went for witty. And then I tried the whole, ‘I own my weirdness!’ thing. After five minutes, I got irritated and just wrote three words. Kudos to anyone who can come up with instant, witty captions for the most mundane things. It’s a true art. 

So, I eventually posted again. I figure that I’ll just be posting pictures of my shitty bracelets on there, so I posted a mess of finished bracelets that haven’t had the excessive string cut off. I’m all about selling myself. Caption was two words because I can’t be bothered anymore. 

That dude from before has another story but I can’t handle anymore weirdness today. 

Until next time, lol!

A to Z Challenge 2017

quirks – #AtoZChallenge

I’m so behind! I think people are on S, or T and anyway, whatever. I’m fashionably late, okay.

Today’s word is quirks

1. I only drink hot water. Yes. Hot water. Occasionally I do drink cold water but only if it was piping hot first. I really don’t like cold water. It’s just. Tasteless. I mean, so is hot water, but it’s soothing at least. Yeah, I’m weird, I know. 
2. I hate touching things that are wet. I’m not even going to go into this one. I just cannot stand it. 

3. I kiss my teeth. A lot. I have no idea why. 

4. If I like something, it must be purchased in purple. Always. Purple phone case, purple tablet case. I’m planning to buy purple jeans and a hoodie. I’ve had purple braids. I may need an intervention. 

5. My handwritten S looks like a J. Seriously. Usually when I’m writing fast it just looks like a weird slanted line. It’s ridiculous. 

6. I occasionally eat ice cream or yogurt with a fork. Usually due to laziness, but apparently that’s weird. 

…And that’s it for now. On to R!

A to Z Challenge 2017

planning – #AtoZChallenge

Oh, planning.

I am so bad at planning. Or rather, bad at executing plans. I am a kick ass planner. I say I’m going to do this and that. I plan to do a lot and end up doing zilch. I’m forgetful, I lack focus. I have a sieve brain. Things enter and travel straight out. It’s like my mind is a suitcase that takes a million years to close. Stuff just finds its way out and it takes a ‘!’ moment for me to remember. And then I forget again. 

My short term memory is awful. 

Anyway, I’ve tried a million apps, tried a physical to do list in my cute purple planner. I’ve tried notes, emails, anything I can think of but I’m just horrible at planning. 

I think I may go back to physical notes because something about writing it did help but damn. Thank God that I’m not a surgeon or important person who people depend on. It would be a disaster.

I guess this is another thing to work on! 

A to Z Challenge 2017

odd one out – #AtoZChallenge

I have three entries for O. This is crazy, y’all. Here goes nothing! This one sort of died halfway through so it’s more like 2.5 entries. 

I often feel like the odd one out, like I’m on the outside looking in. I don’t follow the crowd, I like things that most people don’t, can’t stand most of what’s popular. 

I just tend to gravitate to obscure things. Or I have certain ways to do things that no one else would consider. Like eating ice cream with a fork (actually that might just be laziness). 

Perhaps it’s an extension of my middle child syndrome, lol! And the fact that I’m quite different to my sisters. I’m literally the odd one out. 

However, I’m used to being different now at least. I’d rather be accused of being weird or unusual than to waste time trying to be like everyone else. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, yeah, consider me #TeamOddOneOut

A to Z Challenge 2017

N(ico) Rosberg – #AtoZChallenge

Guys, this is my first day doing two entries for a letter! I feel so proud. 

Anyway, I’m deviating from the theme (it was supposed to be life!) today. 
Nico Rosberg is a (for now) former Formula One driver who won his maiden championship in 2016. He shocked everybody by retiring two days later. There was a lot of talk about him being a coward and not stepping up to the plate but it was music to my ears. So many areas in life are full of people who achieve the highest accolades and lose themselves trying to repeat it. 

Take for instance, Rosberg’s childhood friend Lewis Hamilton, who has one three championships and took petty to a whole new level last year when it became clear that he wouldn’t win. His obsession with winning has turned him into a bizarre, egocentrical, shiny, self centered person. And perhaps that’s what someone needs to be successful but why go through all of that when you’ve already reached the top? Do stats matter? Today, they give you status and later, it becomes a fact on Wikipedia. Does it matter how many championships you have? Not really. 

Anyway, given that Rosberg has been racing since he was a child, taking the decision must have been difficult and when I looked him up, I saw that he was attending the training sessions and watching this season’s races religiously. Racing is a big part of his life and I wonder if he’ll ever be able to separate himself from that. Probably not. That made me think about how we’re creatures of habit. Perhaps those winners stick around because they don’t know how to do anything else. They don’t have that drive for anything else. It’s interesting to consider. 

I’m sure Nico will be back someday, but I think sometimes giving up isn’t the be all and end all but the smart thing to do. After all, there’s no law that says that giving something up is the end. 

 …This is officially the most random post I’ve written, lol, but I’m a secret sports nerd.