As long as there’ll be politics, Hillary will be coming back again

This is based on stuff that I’ve read so if I’m wrong or have facts mixed up, feel free to bestow the truth upon me.


I do have to admit that my post on Trump got me interested in actually reading about both candidates and figuring out why the US seems to be on the verge of appointing a man who has been a reality TV star for almost a decade. Something educational (kinda) has come out of me mocking Jared Padalecki! He’s good for something after all.

From what I remember, Hillary Clinton has always had a question mark over her. Whether that’s to do with Bill or her legal career, I’m not too sure. Still, when it comes to Hillary, I think most people are understandably wary. A lot of people want to vote for the lesser of two evils so have no choice but to vote for her. On the flip side, a lot of people simply refuse to vote for her. It’s kind of like N’Sync vs Backstreet Boys but with less hair dye, synchronised dancing, baggy pants, rhinestones and pop music. Trump is the Justin Timberlake of this saga, only instead of treating Britney badly and generally being an idiot, he’s a dangerous buffoon that’s inciting violence and hatred. Hillary is the Nick Carter of the saga. Firstly, like my title states, as long as there’ll be politics, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be coming back again. Seriously, doesn’t she want to retire on a nice beach somewhere and sip martinis? Her desire for power is off the chain. Damn. Secondly, there have always been obstacles in her way but she won’t be happy until she gets a chance to be on top. (Although, I think Nick is content with selling CDs in Japan now.) The fans (or supporters in this case) play their role in pitting the two sides together. They come up with ways in which the other side is better or worse, but in reality…are they any different?

Not really.

It seems like the answer to the question of why Trump is even in contention is clear: Hillary. And yes, racism and bigotry being at an all time high is part of it too, but those people were probably racist four years ago. The difference is that Trump is co-signing and validating their bullshit and they all think anyone gives a shit. I would reason that people who despise Hillary will be the real deciding factor in the election.

If the DNC had a less polarizing candidate, most of us would probably be assured that they had this election in the bag. However, human beings are vindictive by nature. Hatred is always a powerful motivator and there are some people out there who seriously hate Hillary. They hate her enough that they have given her the honour of running against Trump and want to go further and ensure that she loses to Trump.

That’s a whole lotta hate.

At first I wasn’t sure why. I mean, yes she’s potentially shady and corrupt but…so are most politicians. That’s not new. I read about the emails and…again, that’s probably not new either. A politician deleting emails? Shut the front door. I’m not saying that she was right to do what she did, but, clearly it was never going to be a problem had the Benghazi situation not occurred.

I would say that she’s a victim of longevity. The longer you’re around, the more dirt people can pile up on you. That’s exactly what Hillary represents. Every misdeed is being stacked up and thrown at her. People are angry about policies from 1994, angry at Bill Clinton’s disastrous welfare reforms and all of that is on the table.

One can argue that it is fair game. People should take everything into account when voting for someone. On the other hand, the political climate was different twenty years ago. How many people actually remember what happened that far back? I think I read that Sanders also voted for those reforms. If he can change, then surely Hillary can too, right? When I looked online a lot of people were mostly angry about the emails. The emails, the emails, the emails. If I was a US voter, that’s not what I’d be concerned about. It’s way too easy to explain away emails and I’m betting that she’s not the only one using a private server. At this point, the media won’t report the relevant information and hyperfocus on the emails is somewhat detrimental. People seem to hate Hillary for doing things that every politician is guilty of, and that’s not to say that she shouldn’t be held accountable, but to me it’s a waste of hate and not really appropriate when the other fucking candidate is ‘The Donald’.

If I did have an issue with Hillary, the biggest issue should be the Clinton Foundation. The numbers associated to that are scarily big, and not only that, the fact that other countries have donated money is probably a huge red flag. The fact that wealthy businessmen are regular contributors is iffy and the fact that they, through the foundation, granted access to certain people (at a high cost) is dubious.

I think that they’re also looking into the supposed Benghazi and Libya emails again now that the FBI have recovered the 15,000 emails (LOL, looks like she’s got some ‘splaining to do), but damn, this Foundation stuff is messy. If anyone had the balls to actually figure out what (if any) laws were contravened when she was SoS, that could potentially have attempted impeachment all over it. Although, from what I’ve read, no one really has a leg to stand on both with the emails and Foundation. Still, I’d rather munch my popcorn along with that mess as opposed to choking on it as a racist, orange thing pretends to play President. Better yet, maybe the US media could stop looking for entertainment and soundbites and actually report on the serious issues people need to know about.

At this point, the US electorate should probably just protest the whole system and demand two new candidates. In boyband terms, that means the record label giving up on them shortly after the third album. Like most boyband members, though – I doubt that Hillary or Trump are ready to relinquish their time in the spotlight.

Note: The Backstreet Boys are still better than N’sync (can you believe that there are still people who argue over this? LOL).


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