The Mexican Wall

I read this stupid Mexican wall shit that Donald Trump has been waxing lyrical about (again) yesterday and once again, I was perplexed.

So, let me get this straight, after bringing up the whole ‘let’s build a giant wall to stop the Mexicans from entering the country’ early on into his own one-man clown show, Donald Trump appears to be serious about it. Or he’s pretending to be serious, whichever.

And fine, if he wants to talk about a wall, whatever. He is now claiming that he will deport MILLIONS of people within his first hour of being President — can’t you just see the headlines now? ‘AIRPORT CHAOS AS TRUMP’S DEPORTEES CLOG UP AIRLINES!’ Oh no, wait, first Trump would be on the phone to Mexico asking for the ticket money.

He’s all about making sure the American people get the best out of the deal.

Anyway, whatever – I am just concerned about the people who are listening to this and agreeing to it. Deeply concerned. I always wonder how these people survive. I also have some questions for them.

  1. Haven’t you people seen Prison Break? All it will take is Wentworth Miller and the rest of the Fox River 8 and Bob’s your uncle! The wall will be crumblier than a squashed brownie.
  1. Trump has said that Mexico will pay for the wall. Mexico will pay for a wall designed to keep Mexicans from entering the US. The Mexicans will pay for a wall that represents racism towards their people. In what fucking universe does that make sense? You’re literally listening to Trump say, ‘Yeah, so…I’m not paying for a wall, but if the Mexicans want to then (and they probably won’t)….let’s build it!
  1. Are you all out of your damn minds?
Campaign 2016 Trump

“I’m getting too old for this shit — wait, nope. I’m old enough for this shit!! YEEPEE!!! TRUMP!”

Evidently so.

Seriously. You people have ‘Build A Wall’ shirts? Right…and the immigrants are the ones taking money out of your pocket? Maybe y’all need to learn how to be financially responsible and not waste money on making or buying racist shirts? Just a suggestion.

  1. Pence claimed that, “that there will be no path to legalization, no path to citizenship. People will need to leave the country to be able to obtain legal status or obtain citizenship.”

First of all, he needs to shut the fuck up. He’s running as Trump’s VP so everything he says is prefaced by the fact that he has terrible decision making skills.

Secondly – so, after building this giant wall, they’ll accept applications from people from…outside of the country? And potentially waste money deporting the same people they then allow back in once they have legal status? Please. I think his nose probably grew longer between the first and second sentence. Either way, I’m pretty sure what he’s proposing here is unfeasible.

  1. And to the Mexican President – way to ensure that you’re not re-elected. I get that he extended invites to both candidates, but it’s like inviting a girl’s arch enemy to her quinceañera. The RSVP would and should be conveniently eat by the dog. .

If I was him all I would have said to Trump was, ‘Take your damn wall, your bigotry, your racism, your stupidity, your awful toupee and perma-tan and fuck off

  1. Latinos For Trump – what the fuck is wrong with you? There’s nothing worse than people who look down on others who come from the same racial heritage as them? Trump is literally saying, ‘We don’t want your kind here!’ And the response is, ‘We don’t want our kind here either!’ Get the fuck out. People like this infuriate me.

Here’s what the founder (or as I like to call him, the bullshit orchestrator) had to say about ‘his culture’

“My culture is a very dominant culture and it’s imposing and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.”


In conclusion, the madness continues!


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