Things that sound too good to be true


Or well thing, because I only have one thing to bitch about.

Thing: Reddit Gift Exchange

Experience: I don’t like Reddit. I mostly hate read it (ha) for sports updates before I eventually weaned myself off it after Euro 2016 due to the rabid Ronaldo fanboys.

Fanboys are the WORST. Just wanna put that out there.

Anyway, Reddit do their whole Secret Santa thing and as I discovered this year, they do it all year round. They have two major ones a year and then smaller category based exchanges. All sounds good, right?

Anyway, the exchange I did seemed like a nice idea. I signed up on a whim. It was a Pens & Stationery exchange and I LOVE stationery. It attracted me with its web and I was powerless to resist and also using a computer that didn’t have adblock, dammit. Naturally, I regretted it later but when I tried to cancel – there was no option. That was red flag number one. If someone wants to cancel but can’t…that basically means they might not send a gift at all. Sure, Reddit claims that people will get minus credits (you need a certain amount to be able to participate) but that person could easily sign up for a new account. So I had a bad feeling about it but I cast it aside. I made sure to get something nice for my giftee even though I was fairly busy at the time. They received it the day after I sent it, posted it in the gallery and that was it.

That was literally it because I sure as shit didn’t get anything out of it.

And fair enough, these things happen, but there wasn’t a peep from the moderators about it. They give you the option to request a back up gifter but advise people to wait for a while if their gifter has marked their gift as sent. You can eventually request another gift but by then, they’ve given priority to other people.

In a way, I kind of stupidly signed up without doing the research because if you dig deeper you can find things. I just thought that, hey, this is a pretty major organisation – they should have their shit together, right?


In some ways, I understand that people will be flaky and so forth but I take issue with the aggressive way they market the gift exchanges. There are so many, and many people sign up but…essentially, the organizers basically have a system wherein people can sign up repeatedly and receive but not send. They ask for shipping proof if problems arise, but one can pretty much pick up a discarded receipt in a Post Office and use that.

Anyway, I’m fairly certain the person who was matched with me just couldn’t be bothered. There was no follow up message to ask if I’d received what they supposedly sent, so I will assume that’s what happened. I just wanted some stationery, dammit. Not that I need anymore. I am an official hoarder of notebooks.

Going back to the exchange, when I did eventually find a mod to complain to, all they said was ‘SO SORRY BUT WE HAVE SOME GREAT EXCHANGES COMING UP AND WE’LL MATCH YOU WITH A WELL KNOWN DECENT GIFTER’.


Yeah, I don’t think so. There are people who have been shafted multiple times. I’m not sure why they keep torturing themselves. Hey, if you want to gift someone, buy it wherever and hand it to a stranger in the street. At least that way you’ll know you’re definitely not getting shit back. If you want a gift, heck, buy something for yourself.

The irony of it all is that there are people who complain about what they get. They get upset because they spent $50 on a gift and got some cheap tat in return. There are people disappointed to get gifts from SHOCK HORROR – AMAZON! There are people who get word that their gifts have been received but apparently, pics or it didn’t happen.

Another thing I realised is that you’re more likely to get a gift if you have had a reddit account for a while. Reddit gifts give you a little page to write your dislikes and what not and I just wrote some shit about The Backstreet Boys because I was in a rush. Still, how hard is it to buy a nice notebook? That was my thinking. I also had to make a reddit account, which is probably a target they have. They must see an increase in signups due the gifts thing. However, what they don’t tell you is that an empty reddit account means that people will claim they looked through it, saw nothing and had no idea what to buy.

I didn’t even look through my giftee’s account. Their favorite colour was blue so I bought them some blue items and a couple of pens. End of the story.

I know that overall, the exchanges are full of people doing nice things, but it all came across as an elaborate marketing scheme to me. And it was yet another reminder that shitty people will find a way to be shitty in any given situation. And that I still have TERRIBLE luck.


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