Alkwalking, otherwise known as walking while socially awkward.

I’m not great at eye contact, public speaking or interacting with people in general. I’m the Kanye West of awkwardness. Walking around town is often a painful experience. Not only do I have to focus on blending in so that nobody notices me, I have to keep myself upright. The latter is the most difficult. I don’t so much as stumble as announce my presence to every damn crack on the pavement. It’s like I’m being taunted with Survivor by Destiny’s Child. That’s supposed to my theme, but instead I’m more like, ‘my body is fall over-licious’. Will I make it unscathed or will get my Kanye on? I wish I knew. It’s like walking through an episode of Total Wipeout, except my obstacles are people who don’t appear to notice that I’m there.

Eye contact is infinitely worse, though. As far as I’m concerned EVERYONE is watching me ALL THE TIME. If I was one of those Instagram famous people it’d be fine, but I’m not. I like to blend in. Instead, I feel like I have a giant glittery caution sign painted on my back. I probably come across like a sullen, sparkly Edward Cullen-ish vampire in the daylight. Except, I’m covered in rhinestones that I’ll probably fall over in five minutes.

The questions that range through my mind tend to go from the simple ‘Why was that person looking at me?’ to the full on hysterical, ‘IS THERE SOMETHING ON MY FACE? OH GOSH, THERE’S SOMETHING ON MY FACE?!’. And then I can’t look at anyone for the duration of the walk or journey. The train is the worst for this. There are a limited number of places to look on the train. I get that, but damn, Gina, I am not one of those places. Especially not on the train, because, here’s how it’s going to go. You’re going to look at me. I’ll look back, freak out and pretend to read through imaginary texts on my phone. Still, I’ll feel eyes on me. The person could get off at the next stop but the damage is done. EYES HAVE BEEN ON ME. If I’m lucky, I’ll actually have a mirror with me. If not, guess what, I’ll have to use my germ covered hands to physically remove the invisible blemish on my face. And yeah, I know that I should have antibacterial gel on me but if there was ever a list of Things You Always Forget To Carry Just So You Have At Least One Regret In Life hand sanitizer would be at the very top.

Moving on. Look, I’m not a joyless person. Not entirely. Everyone is free to laugh just not while I’m walking past you or vice versa. Suspend your laughter. Preferably until you’re out of my earshot. Otherwise, here’s how it’s going to go. I’m awkwalking, okay. I don’t need random laughter to mess with my barely there rhythm.

And while I’m at it….dear drivers of parked cars, I get it. Some of you are genuinely doing something and some of you are being shady as hell. Do me a favour, okay? If I stop to look at my reflection, don’t stare back at me? Why make it any more awkward that it needs to be?

Just pretend to read an imaginary text or something.


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I snark about things. I'm also a señorita who used to have picture of D-List actors as her avatar. Now it's a pen. So... expect greatness from me. Or something.

2 thoughts on “Alkwalking”

  1. Your experiences about being on the receiving end of eye contact on the train, and your internal reactions to it, are things I feel as well when I am in the same situation. I definitely try to give the outer appearance that I don’t care who is looking at me, especially by pretending to be glued to my phone screen to add to the facade. Part of me knows I’m thinking too much. Humans are curious beings, maybe too curious. People tend to look at just about anything that catches their eye or if they see something move briefly in front of them, which prompts the looking. I understand that, but it still freaks me out when I’m in the receiving end of this. It’s really true that the eyes are a window into the soul. Often times I feel like people can see right into me when my eyes meet theirs. It’s unnerving.

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    1. I’m glad that it’s not just me! I wonder what people did before phone got all glamorous and exciting. Probably the ‘I can feel you looking at me so I’m going to look at a point beyond you so that we don’t make eye contact’ look, heh,

      But yes, I know that people probably aren’t looking at me specifically even if they look for a touch too long, but it’s still freaky! Right? They look at you like they know all of your damn secrets. And then I end up replaying it over and over until I convince myself that it really was just fleeting eye contact.

      Humans are definitely too curious. Even I catch myself staring at times and I berate myself because that’s exactly what I try to avoid when outside. For me, it’s always weird how whenever I’m with someone, I tend to not notice it as much. I wonder if that’s because I’m less focused on my surroundings or if being with someone boosts my confidence somehow? It’s weird lol.

      Thank you so much for the comment! 😉

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