Conversations With A Narcissist


According to most narcissists, they are superior beings who do no wrong.


I have some experience dealing with narcissism. And based on the rise of Donald Trump and the activity of most politicians, we all do in some way or another. Narcissists are difficult people. It’s usually their way or the high way. When one eventually gives up on interacting with the narcissist, they will claim that no one wants to hear the truth.

However, when it comes to narcissists, there are three versions of the truth. Your version. Their version. And the version that they tell people. Yes, the narcissist is extremely experienced in the fine art of embellishment. By the time the ‘truth’ has come back to the original person, they’re left wondering who exactly has lost their grip on reality.

When finally confronted with the real truth, the narcissist will ask if they’re being accused of lying. For the sake of sanity, this is the point where one should back away slowly and bang their heads against the wall. Fall into the trap and the narcissist will fly into a fit of rage. They will claim that they are the only ones willing to tell the truth. Everyone else is lying. It will be relentless until the narcissist finds a new target. Days after the initial incident, the narcissist will hide away and lull everyone into a fall sense of security.

The best advice here is to enjoy the silence while it lasts because it will not last. Never underestimate the narcissist’s ability to never let anything go. Ever. Of course, by the time they’re done stewing over it, the situation has changed dramatically. Not only is the other person afraid of the truth, they just couldn’t see that the narcissist was…trying to help them.

Yes, by the way, the narcissist is typically an expert on everything. They portray themselves as being intelligent. In some cases, they are, but as I have found, people can be smart and monumentally idiotic at the same time. Narcissists are usually both. Either way, the narcissist will tell everyone how to live their lives.

If the narcissist is a billionaire, then sure, I can see how gullible people would believe them. The average run of the mill narcissist on the other hand…not so much. It’s easy to fall into what I like to call a narcissistic lull.

They will tell you statements that are presented as fact, including what was said during conversations that they weren’t privy to. Nosy narcissist will see one thing but infer at least ten other things. They will talk about others behind their backs and also put other people down in order to feel better about themselves.

There’s no way of knowing beforehand if someone is a narcissist because they present themselves as stable, functional adults until they get comfortable and decide to unleash their horror on any unsuspecting people.

So the obvious solution is just to never talk to anyone ever again.

Or even better, someone needs to make some kind of Narcissist Detection Spray. Anything will do at this point.


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