Inspirational quotes kind of suck



I’m not big on inspirational quotes. Seriously, they are like a bad Seth Rogen movie. There’s one joke that you can sort of laugh at and the rest are okay, but you’re already watching the movie so you automatically lower your standards. 


Take the above quote. It has a nice sentiment. We should all feel free to be ourselves. People are free to not like that. And yes, fuck them if they don’t.

That being said, if you’re an asshole, you probably shouldn’t feel free to be one. And on a topic of these ‘quotes’ as a whole, they’re all very vague and iffy. You can find a quote to fit any situation. Admittedly, they do help at times. I know that some people like to post them everywhere as ‘motivation’ and they can be motivational.

However, in a dark moment does anyone actually think, ‘I just need to remember that quote and all will be okay’?

Will they just remember those nice sounding words and want to jump for joy on a trampoline? I doubt it. I know that I don’t and I have an entire Pinterest board full of them. In this day and age, I think we all want information, inspiration, and motivation and help in the shortest amount of words possible, but at what cost?

The ‘help’ is fleeting and the feelings and esteem issues are long lasting.

Some of them are just downright unhelpful. I’m going to Google ‘inspirational quotes’ now and pick out the first dumb one that I see.


…yeah, thanks. Nothing is stopping me from being a hundred percent happy all of the time and becoming a billionaire. Except for, you know, life. Money? Inequality? Issues upon issues. If this is supposed to make me go, ‘FUCK YEAH, WHAT’S STOPPING ME?!’ it’s failed. Miserably. ‘Cause now I’m thinking about all of the things that are stopping me from doing whatever the fuck I’m supposed to do….


Right, ’cause that’ll work the next time I feel like crying for two hours non-stop. I’ll smile my way into a box of Kleenex and tub of Chunky Monkey. And then get depressed again because I’m fat.

Ninety-nine percent of these quotes are full of meaningless sentiment that must have the opposite effect intended.

In short, they’re bullshit.

Except for this one.

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