This topic is via Daily Prompt: Silence

I have mixed feelings on silence. Generally, I am extremely for what I have tentatively named ‘STFU hour‘. That’s an hour of each day where EVERYONE just doesn’t speak. Sure, businesses might lose millions of dollars and other potentially destructive things might happen, but I would maybe allow exceptions. On health and safety grounds.  

Anyway, sometimes silence is necessary.

Like when someone is telling you a really long and boring story about what Becky with the bad hair did to them last week Thursday. At first, you’re interested but it becomes apparent the point of the story will only be clear after you’ve spent twenty minutes wondering what the point is. All you’re thinking is, ‘shut up or keep it concise’ but politeness means that you sit there and listen. Your mind starts to feel foggy and tension creeps up into your neck. Other thoughts begin to invade and you start nodding to show that you’re aware that they are still talking.

We’ve all been there

Nod. Nod. Nod. Until—no wait, false alarm. They’re not done yet. Nod. Nod. Nod. Wait–that’s it? That’s the grand finale that this conversation was leading to? That was your point?

I often think that we’d all have a lot more peace if certain people weren’t enamored by the sound of their own voices. There are many, many, many people who need to exercise silence. They need to enroll in ‘shut the fuck up‘ classes, or hell, even a degree. We need to start up Silent University or something ’cause a lot of people need to start learning today.

Not tomorrow, or in three months from now – today.

On the flip side, silence isn’t always good. There are days when silence is just too much. You sit there in an empty room and literally beg for noise. Screaming children. Annoying wasps. Anything that isn’t loud, gross chewing (that is never acceptable). The clock ticks loudly but that only reinforces that there’s no other noise. Thoughts begin to invade – but these ones are unwanted. The shit that you’d rather not think about. Like, say, money, a test or the fact that your damn sports team has lost three games in a row (seriously silence, I don’t need a reminder!).

I can’t really work in silence either. It’s like fuel for my overactive brain. My brain takes silence as a challenge to make me think about every single weakness I have. If I was Batman, my nemesis would be silence. I’d dress up in tight-fitting costume just to defeat silence. I would hand it over to Jim Gordon and tell him to make sure it doesn’t break out in three hours.

Silence is a sneaky bastard, man, I’ll tell you that much. However, I like to see the good and bad in everything, so it might be a sneaky bastard, but it can also be a good thing.



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