The curious case of greed

News broke yesterday about Sam Allardyce, the now former England manager, potentially agreeing to help other circumvent rules put in place by his employers. This is by all means a man who had just achieved his dream job. He was in the job for 67 days, a number that just seems absurd when you consider that he made his huge mistake before his first – and only – game in charge.

The lure of £400,000 was enough to get Sam to fall into The Telegraph’s trap.

That’s a lot of money, you say. And it is, but…not so much for a man that stood to earn 6 million over the next two years.

That’s just stupidity of the highest level.

It’s fucking ridiculous but not surprising. Time and time again people are caught wanting more money than they know what to do with. It must almost be a mental thing, a need to always have more or a desire to prevent a time when they lose it all. Whatever the reason, it is greed.

And it is always funny to me how greed seems to be prevalent in those that appear to have it all.

What a shame.


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