Unfinished; a tale of procrastination and forgotten to-do lists


I have a folder of unfinished writing pieces. Despite the fact that I haven’t really touched it in years I do this thing where I email myself one of the pieces from time to time. It’s always the same logic – read it over, finish it – and I do the reading over part.

I sure as hell never finish it.

Last year I bought this little cute diary type thing; small enough that I can’t really use it as an actual diary (not that I’d actually finish a damn entry if I did), but big enough for me to use it as a planner.

And I plan. I write to-do lists, notes, reminders. It’s all in there except…

…a reminder to actually look at the book. 

I think we live in the age of multi-tasking — seriously, how many Lifehacks do we need? — and while that’s often heralded as a good thing, for some of us it isn’t. If anything, the more I multi-task, the less focus I have. This means that I now have a whole host of things that are unfinished because I was trying so hard to do it all at once.


Of course, the problem could be me. I lack motivation sometimes. Motivation always seems to disappear when I need it the most, during a job application, halfway through a project – you name it. There’s a slump, kind of like my brain has crashed and won’t even respond to Ctrl+Alt+Del, and I’m stuck yanking out the power cord. Following that, I have to wait for everything to load again and by the time it does, I’m tired.

I’ll do it tomorrow, I think, even though no two days are the same. I almost never go back to what I’m doing the next day. That’s an area where I definitely need to improve. Whether that’s by setting less goals so that my focus is not as diluted or spending less time mucking around on the internet (seriously, how did we pass the time before our lives became a mishmash of http://???).

At the same time, unfinished projects and goals can also be a good thing. Healthy targets and a way to pass time if you’re restless. In a world full of flaws, nothing can be fully perfect and there’s going to be a lot of unfinished business.

That’s just the way life is.

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