Not caring for other people’s opinions of your opinions


Nobody likes it when people disagree with them, especially in a provocative manner. My other blog was born out of frustration, and as such, occasionally people who like the show Supernatural tend to pop up. Most of the people that comment are nice and respectful. Some even manage to like the show but still appreciate my ‘snark’ or humour – whatever you want to call it – at the same time.

Some just piss me off. And when I get pissed off, I ramble. Ideally, and if I was petty, I’d just reply to people with this image:



Or well, if I was pettier, I should say. My responses tend to range from LOL to a long-winded rebuttal on how this person can suck it. My gripe is usually that I’m accused of trolling and causing harm but…I will be the first to admit that I do not have that kind of power. I am too lazy to be a troll. I don’t tweet my posts aggressively or @ the people that they’re based on. Most of the posts on anything Supernatural related are a year older if not more.

Personally, I’d rather comment on a post that I enjoyed as opposed to one that annoyed me in any way, but people always seem to log on in ‘fighting mode’.

We all need to just chill and exercise the backspace/back button when necessary.

image sources: [1] [2]


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