You’re special, but not that special.


I think being original is one of those things that people look at in different ways.

Some people see it it being authentic and true to themselves; they’re different and doing something that no one else has.

They have their own ideas!

The fact of the matter is that in a world full of 7 billion people and counting, there’s no way of determining originality past our genetic make up.

Our DNA is the only original thing about us and we still get that from two different people.

Clearly, originality is just an illusion.

And this post is unoriginal in the fact that it sucks because my mind has suddenly gone blank, lol!

via Daily Prompt: Original


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I snark about things. I'm also a señorita who used to have picture of D-List actors as her avatar. Now it's a pen. So... expect greatness from me. Or something.

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