Being clumsy is not cute


I’m not sure how common this is nowadays, but in the past the clumsy trait was used to generate humour and sympathy. I think they call it being klutzy now, but we all know damn well that they mean clumsy!

Mia Thermopolis was the clumsy, charismatic princess that we all loved. The Ben Stiller of the late 90s/early 00s was the unfortunate bro that we all sat through questionable awkward, klutzy toilet humour with.

Being clumsy is often thought of in fond ways. Oh, so and so has tripped up again! Poor her. Typical her! Awww, OMG, SO CUTE!

No. No. No. And no.


I’m here to let you all know that being clumsy is PAINFUL. It is annoying, frustrating and doesn’t end up with me finding out that I’m secretly a princess, nor do I get the guy at the end of the movie. I end up with bruises and blood gushing out of uncomfortable places (talking ’bout my hands!). Yes, being clumsy can get bloody. Being a klutz isn’t cute. It isn’t fun. Well. Okay, so it can be fun. Recounting clumsy events will always generate some laughter and it is good to laugh at yourself. Sometimes you need to find at least one positive from a nasty tumble down the stairs. If that’s amusing someone else – so be it. That’s my good deed of the day.


That being said, there’s nothing fun about bumping into the same thing repeatedly. Nothing fun about cutting your self on things that you can’t even see.

There’s nothing fun about pouring coffee on yourself because your flask has rendered its own lid useless.

There’s nothing funny about hitting your head repeatedly. It just hurts, man. It freaking hurts.

There’s nothing fun about constantly walking into things.

Nothing fun about knocking over a glass of water just after replacing the last one that you knocked over.

There’s nothing fun about almost being thrown off a treadmill.

That last one wasn’t clumsiness but I’m keeping you on your toes.


please don’t try this at home

In light of all of that, I object to the the portrayal of clumsiness on TV, popular culture and in books. Stop using it as a positive character trait. No one who is genuinely clumsy goes around giggling and running into walls. Well. We do run into walls but, y’know, I’ve never giggled in pain. I may laugh nervously but giggling? Nope. Although, that might be because I am not secretly a princess that’s super relatable and human.

What we should be doing is looking for a cure for clumsiness instead of glorifying it. #ClumsyAintCute

via Daily Prompt: Clumsy


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