How to get Yourself Out of a Funk

Whimsies of a Nerd Girl

How to get Yourself Out of a Funk

                Lately I’ve noticed that when I feel deterred from my goals it’s usually for the following reasons. I’m writing them here for you and myself so we can learn from these three common mistakes. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to get myself back into ship-shape! Read below to see if you’re making these mistakes and how we can overcome them.

Mistake #1:

You make this promise to yourself that you’re finally going to work on your project! Whether it be your blog, writing your novel, goal planning, etc. Well, guess what? I break that promise to myself and a lot of times it’s something super simple that’s holding me back and I’ll tell you what it is…sleep.

I’m not getting enough of it! And because of this I’m not achieving any of those daily goals I place for myself because I feel too exhausted. So from…

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