Bullet Point The Day

Bullet Point The Day

(done for the October Writing Challenge)


warning: I lead a boring life. this is also not from today today.



– suffered through the presidential debate

– interview prep

– watched big time rush even though I am way too old to be watching anything Nickelodeon related

– uh. I uh, twitter researched the members of big time rush. One seems sweet. One has his whole band thing going on. The other one is a weird commercial promoting person. The last one I avoided because his last name makes me sad.

– watched the shield (the FX show not wrestling!)

– cleansing time! Like, a shower though. Not stuffing lemons down my throat.

– more interview prep

– nap

– wakey wakey

– make up, hair, blah, blah

– usain bolt’d my way to the inteview place

– interview

– I went shopping. In what I guess is universally known as a variety store. Those stores are my very own personal nirvana. SO MUCH VARIETY. SO MUCH RANDOMNESS! I got some jewellery (yeah, I’m cheap) and some baskets which I need for storage. I had to avoid the notebook section because I have a real problem.

– after that, I hopped on a train and then picked up some wine.

– then I got home, had some coffee, a few snacks, opened some presents, ate a cheeseburger and took another nap

– wakey wakey

– redid make up, got dressed. I managed to break a gold chain on my brand new boots. Luckily, I can just take it off and it looks fine. My cheap ass didn’t break the bank when buying them, lol.

– went to see The Girl On A Train — uh, I shall review it later. I want to read the book first. But I spent the first 30 mins trying to stay awake and distinguish between the two blonde characters. Overall plot was: Is this bish okay/did this bish kill anyone or nah? So, yeah. It was entertaining.

– bought a bunch of soft drinks and these weird Tic Tac Mixers

– hooooome

– food prep (well I made coffee and stood around?)

– foooooooooood

Last year I was basically sick and in bed until I forced myself to go out and buy food. It was peaceful, but actually doing things today was kind of fun.


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