A Habit I Wish I Didn’t Have

This is probably my last October Writing Challenge entry! I have a few others written but they won’t be posted in October. I might have to find one for November, even though my job will take up most of my time for the next couple of months. I may just ramble incoherently.


Anyway, onto my bad habit! I actually have two.

1. Letting my coffee go cold.

Seriously, self. Drink the damn coffee while it’s warm. It tastes gross when it is cold. The problem is that I use boiling water and also a straw. Is that weird? Anyway. So I can’t drink it while it’s hot because the plastic straw doesn’t give a crap about my tongue. Anyway, I do that and always forget I even have coffee until hours have passed by and it’s cold. I also use a cute lens flask which is made out of plastic (sigh), so unless I transfer the coffee into a mug (too lazy) it cannot be microwaved. It’s so sad.

2. Resting Miserable Face

I just can’t help it. I get people asking me if I’m okay in the street. People telling me to smile. People saying that I look sad. I mean, life is absolutely miserable, damn right I’m sad. That being said, most of the time that is just my face. I have a very serious resting face and often I’m too lost in thought to walk around fake smiling at everyone. I wish I had a happier resting face, but I just don’t! Give me free chocolate and that may change, but I’m not making any promises.


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I snark about things. I'm also a señorita who used to have picture of D-List actors as her avatar. Now it's a pen. So... expect greatness from me. Or something.

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