Sometimes, There’s Too Much Choice In Life


I was looking at phones recently. The affordable ones were models that I’d never heard of and to the untrained eye, they looked the same. The problem is that, I’ve been burned with phones before. I’ve also never had a super expensive handset before. Initially, I was happy to settle for a low budget model but in the end, I went for a common, more expensive make. My reasoning was that, I’m not going to upgrade when the latest model is released. In fact, it’s an older release anyway. That being said, I was amazed by how many different choices there were when these phones all seem to be able to do the same thing.

The high end makes like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy boast these amazing features. Front camera!!!! Fingerprint scanner!!!!! Round edges!!!! Amazing battery life only if you basically never use the phone at all. It’s a bit ridiculous. We buy these phones not for their ability to make phone calls, but for all of the extra stuff. Internet, whatsapp, social media. I read through countless comparisons and I couldn’t see the major differences in any of these phones. If my old HTC Desire wasn’t slowly giving up on me, I’d probably still be planning to use it for another year.

Anyway, that’s just an example. Choices are a good thing but too many aren’t. The world is slowly going to shit because of choice. I think we should reduce the number of choices we have with the exception of medical care and children’s books. They need to put down the iPad and actually read books. Seriously, the only reason why I was once considered smart (although, apparently I still ‘look’ smart) is because I read a shit ton of books when I was really young. Now I can barely read a newspaper without feeling twitchy. Kids don’t need to go through that. Please. PLEASE.

Anyway, lack of choice. Like say, colours. We have green. And then there’s lime, forest green, sludge green, Apple green, turquoise, aqua…I mean, can green just be green, please? Even scarves have variants. Pashminas, shawls, snoods…it’s just way too much. Even jeans have been ruined. I’m not sure about guys (although, in my humble opinion, skinny jeans for those possessing a Y chromosome should be outlawed. Seriously), but we females have it hard. Or I do. High waisted super skinny, low waisted, skinny on its own, jeggings, and all sorts. Can we just call them jeans? Bootleg jeans, I get. Skinny jeans, I get. The variants are an unnecessary extrapolation. Bags are another problem. There are way too many of them that look the same. I mean, who are we trying to impress? I don’t know about anyone else, but if it’s got functional handles and looks good, then, well, I’m cool with it. Shoes…well, same thing really.

Music. Okay, so maybe this one shouldn’t be on my list but all current music just sounds the same to me. Same with TV. And movies. And books. I suppose the real message here is that choice is good when you’re getting something different from each choice. If not, is there any point?


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