It’s been one of those years…

…where I constantly find myself wondering there seems to be an increasing amount of stupid people on the planet…

Every time I think we’ve reached the maximum quota of stupid for the year, someone comes along and proves otherwise.

At this point, I could write a book on 2016 and just call it ‘2016: The Year That Stupid Trumped All‘ and no one would bat an eye. Well, except for maybe the people that fall under the brackets of ‘stupid’ and ‘fast approaching stupid’ and ‘stupid to the point of no return’

How has it happened? Is it that they couldn’t keep up with anything resembling logic so they just created their own? Pre-truths became the truth and lies were just things invented by anyone who was against their particular agenda?

Or did they just finally find their voices because society is becoming more and more receptive to stupidity?

This quote is appropriately apt.



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