Another Thankless Week

Monday: Despair. Running around in circles.

Tuesday: Same as Monday with the added bonus of a freak incident that probably scared me more than I want to admit. 
Wednesday: The realisation that my employers probably wouldn’t give a shit if I lived or died. And yeah, I kind of knew that already, but it really sunk in on this day. I was also put on high alert by a new manager…he is currently on my must ignore because my brain cannot handle the uncomfortable list. This dude is everywhere and not in a good way. You would want a quarterback or star striker to be everywhere, not a creepy manager.

: My Too Tired For This Bullshit mode was activated. Creepy manager kept trying to talk to me. I kept on nodding and hoping that he would go away. Which he did. After giving me an insurmountable task to complete…all while joking. 

I wisely just said that I didn’t really want to do it but I didn’t argue about it. Naturally, I didn’t finish it. I was told to put it away and do something else. Can I just finish the damn tasks that you people are giving me? It’s like opening three different packets of cookies at once. They will eventually go stale because I can’t eat all three at once. Much like how the work is never finished and what happens is that I end up having to do it on another day. 

Friday: In light of the above, Friday was always going to be hard. 

My attitude was basically:

It still is as of writing.


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