I am enthusiastically unenthusiastic 

I mean, really, can anyone really tell me what there is to be enthusiastic about? 

Paycheck? That’ll be gone in a few weeks. 

Christmas? One day of eating, family drama and fits about presents we are lucky to receive. 

New Year’s, in which we pretend that 2017 will be better than the mess of 2016. 

Donald Trump’s Inauguration? Sums up the phrase ‘one man’s joy is another’s misery’. 

That new album by your favourite band? After a while it’ll be confined to the wrong end of our shuffle playlists. 

That movie that you really want to see it? Either a ticket is too expensive and you watch a shaky cam version and realise your enthusiasm has been misplaced, or you pay the money and then realise your enthusiasm has been misplaced. 

The friends you’re looking forward to catching up with but twist – they have better things to do. 

The new jeans that you wanted? Well, tough luck, they make you look fat. 

Your favourite actor is being adorable on social media? Just wait for them to slip up, it’ll happen. 

It’s your sports team year again? Oh, wait, false alarm. Unless you’re a Cubs fan because nobody saw that coming. I literally didn’t because I’ve never watched a game of baseball in my life but still. 

What is there to be enthusiastic about? 

Life, I suppose. I mean, at the end of the day, those of us in the position to be enthused over such trivial matters should be enthusiastic about life. Not about silly things but about the fact that we are here. We’re doing relatively okay. 

However, in a world where inequalities and bad things are used to garner fake sympathy and then cruelly tossed away, it’s hard to enthusiastic about anything.

Response to — EnthusiasmDaily Prompt


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