The calm before the storm

Or rather it’s not. But it is. I’m in a really weird hyperactive mood at the moment.
I’m talkative, I’m bouncy, I’m restless, I’m getting my Type A personality on even though I’m so Type B it hurts. 

I’m anxious. I can’t sleep, I’m barely eating, I’m not even attempting to meet deadlines, I’m just all over the place both physically and mentally. 

That’s probably due to work. I’m doing a lot on my own right now due to the holiday period and I’m just not feeling it. I’m just bored. And my ability to focus has a status that reads Last Seen: last week. I just can’t. I’m like a cow on a roller coaster. All over the place and in one place all at once. 

To feel focused would require energy and I seem to be expelling that at an alarming rate. I have to force myself to keep going.

My brain is just jumping at a million miles a minute and I can barely think. In essence, I need to calm the fuck down. If only because I know what comes next.

The storm. Or PMS. This has leading to PMS blues all over it. I’m not ready for that right now. 

Or any other shade of blue for that matter. 

I just need my brain to get with the program. 

Written in response to  Calm


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