This the season to be jolly. Or not.

First of all, Happy Holidays to all. 

Secondly, yeah, I’m going to be cynical about Christmas. I wouldn’t be me if I wasnt.

Christmas is over. It took a while to get here and approached us in that overwhelming way it tends too as you get older. When you’re a kid it’s a day of being able to stuff your face and receive presents without having to beg your parents unsuccessfully. 

As an adult? Meh. As a socially stunted and possible hermit adult. Double meh. Don’t get me wrong, I had a decent time but as I surveyed my phone, I realised I was light on Christmas wishes. That’s not unusual because I’m usually the one who messages people. This year I kept that to a minimum. I suppose it is just a matter of pleasantries, but still, it would be nice to receive something. 

And oddly enough, I did, not including replies to the messages I sent first. It was from someone I barely speak to. I would call us acquaintances as opposed to friends but they took the minute to send me a quick email and I appreciated that. Come New Year, I will wish them a happy one.

As for everyone else? Well, I doubt that they care. 

I avoided social media for the first part. You tend to get the same kind of messages. The pictures of gifts, the food pictures, the constant  (and often boring) updates of the day. The way people want you to know how much fun they’re having…all while simultaneously glued to their phone. 

In a sense, Christmas is a charade. A day when we make a lot of effort in order to achieve perfection. We obsess over luxuries and take things for granted. I remember having a friend who was unhappy with a gift she received from her parents. Apparently, it was cheap and not as good as another. This friend can sometimes come across as a bit selfish, perhaps unintentionally. So as she ranted and raved, I wondered if she considered that maybe they couldn’t afford a better one. Or even asking for the receipt in a subtle manner and getting the better version later. Probably not. 

Now, I’m not saying people can’t like gifts but it seems like somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of what Christmas should be like. 

A day of relaxing and spending time with people, enjoying yourself and casting aside the stress and worry for one day. 

Personally, I’d have liked to have spent mine in bed, but we can’t always have what we want. 😛 

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