6 Things I Learnt Last Year

1. Everybody should sleep with one eye open

Seriously. I learnt that apparently the people around me are racist, intolerant and just unpleasant. I learnt that my cynicism has been justified. I learnt that you can win political battles by being the meanest motherfuckers in town. I learnt that the nicer guys finish last. I learnt that there are no nice guys.

2. Friendship is harder when you get older

I knew this one already, but somehow I have always held certain friends in high esteem. I made sure to check on them, I cared about how they were. I lived on my own for a while last year and I guess I actually learnt that the best friend I can ever have is myself. I need to be comfortable in my own skin and stop using my ability to connect with other people as some sort of measure of my self-worth. That being said, damn, y’all. Last year was not a good one for friendship. I don’t think any of my friends read this blog but apart from a few people, I ultimately gave up on most of them. It was a choice between spending time on myself or spending time listen to people talk about themselves as if they were more important than everything else. I chose myself.

3. The Backstreet Boys will always rock.

Although, I’m currently too broke to go to see them in Vegas. One day maybe.

4. Apologies sometimes can’t be accepted

I often say that I don’t ask for apologies because there’s no point. That was reinforced last year during what is now known as The Incident. Yo. A hurtful apology seems like an oxymoron but that ish is real. I could feel the ‘sorry not sorry’ via my screen. Although, perhaps that barrier is what made things that way. Or maybe I just wasn’t ready to accept the apology because I basically asked for it. I always read that giving someone the silent treatment is childish but…maybe it’s just easier? I hate doing it but I feel wrong when I talking to that person. Like, gotta douse myself with hot water and sixteen bars of Dove soap wrong. Maybe I need time. Or maybe sorry ain’t enough. I’ll keep you posted.

5. The whole ‘let’s emphasise with celebrities’ movement doesn’t wash with me.

…yes, celebrities are people too. Yes, they get depression too. No, they’re not just like you! It’s a false equivalence. One minute a celebrity is revealing all about their ailment and the next, they’re in a People spread telling us all how happy they are. The real world doesn’t work like that, and sadly, it’s just another cheap marketing ploy…but…

6. People are stupid.

No explanation necessary.

Written for the Daily Prompt of Year.

Happy New Year, everyone!!



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