Floating in jelly

This week was extra dramatic for me. Call it hormones or stress, or whatever but I felt like I was just here but not here. My mind was a million miles away but not far enough. It was what I imagine being trapped in jelly would be like. Still but, y’know, you’re well aware that you’re trapped in jelly. 

I’m kind of horrible to myself when I get in these moods. I can’t sleep. I either don’t eat or eat poorly. I can’t do anything that isn’t nothing because my neck tenses up so tightly that it hurts

Yeah, my arch nemesis is anxiety and stress eczema. It tends to roll around at the same time. All I want to do is cry but also, what the fuck do I need to cry for? I’m not upset. Sure, my friendships are sort of dunzo because I’m bouncing (too much one-sided crap. Your girl is tired). And life is a huge question mark but I’m good. Or maybe I’m just pretending. 

Your guess is as good as mine. 

Response to – Float


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