Forgive me for wanting a little specificity

So, at work I’m often asked for things. That’s fine. I am there to help people to acquire said things. However, what would help is if they figured out what they actually wanted before coming to me. I can’t help you locate that yellow thing that you can draw and write with, but I can help you locate a pencil.

And I think that’s indicative of life. Often people will make you jump through hoops just to get an answer to a simple question. What’s the weather like outside, you ask. Five minutes later, you’re none the wiser. Even basic questions like where do you want to meet up. There’s uhms and ahhs and several future frantic text exchanges on the way. There’s more and more questions until finally you realise that not knowing will bring about less of a headache than knowing. Sometimes finally hearing the damn specifics is like a disappointing reveal to a murder mystery or the last scene of the Sopranos.

I get it, sometimes we just don’t feel like being specific and sometimes we don’t need to be specific. Some people really don’t need to be specific. Your personal business is your personal business, mmkay. Sometimes it should stay that way, cause five days after you spill your guts to everyone that information will Chinese Whisper its way back to you and it might not be pretty. So some of y’all don’t need to be too specific.

But some of y’all do.

If something offends you – tell people. Don’t laugh it off and say you’re okay, be specific. It’s just easier. There’s nothing worse than someone coming up after the fact and listing out the extended version of their complaints and expecting the other person to apologise for each item of wrongdoing on the growing list. And also it kind of makes you look bad. I’m sure I’ve done it. I’ve had people do it to me. At first I am receptive and then the list grows and I’m thinking…why not just say what you really want to?

On a grand scale, the lack of specifity (or subterfuge) is dangerous and time consuming. I find that this happens a lot when resolving around important matters. Money. Business. Politics. Sure, your friend might not tell you that she bumped into that asshole you hate and had a drink with them, but it isn’t the same scale of deception. A lot of the time I read these business articles or even some banal celebrity interview and I always think:

It’s just words 

Words are good but if there’s no substance behind them, what’s the point? f you’re not willing to be specific what’s the point? The words are hollow and you’re wasting everybody’s time.

Unless of course, the words are via song. Vague song lyrics don’t matter as long as its catchy. Y’all can want it that way even though BSB never want to hear you say that you want it that way.

Title from Inception. Written in response to the prompt specific.


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