Flash Fiction: Momma Always Said

Hm. I suppose I could create a writing blog but I’m lazy so I will just post some short stories here from time to time. Or maybe just this one. Who knows? 🙂

I originally wrote this with the racial tension with the US in mind. I think that while discrimination plays a huge part in the violence, sometimes the other issue is that these young people are failed by society and often fall down a dangerous path that exposes them to more discrimination than their their peers and this saddens me.

This might read as a poem but I didn’t write it as one so I’m calling it flash fiction, lol.

Momma Always Said by hiptobeSNARK  (C)

Momma always said don’t fight. Fighting was uncivilized – for people who couldn’t use their words.

Momma always said turn the other cheek. Retaliation was futile. It caused more problems.

Momma always said walk away. What Momma didn’t say was that other people didn’t abide by those rules.

Momma didn’t say anything about what do when pushed down onto the ground, cowering away from the torment of someone who wouldn’t stop.

Momma didn’t say that there would be people that didn’t listen.

Momma didn’t say that walking away wasn’t always an option.

That didn’t sink in until it was too late.

When metal bled into twisted wrists, cutting deep and leaving a permanent mark underneath the surface.

Momma didn’t say that second chances didn’t always come.

Momma didn’t say that freedom could be stolen in the blink of an eye.

What Momma did say was that it wasn’t her life.


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