How are you, really? And nine other questions 

How are you, really?

Tired. Right now I’m tired of politicians. They all suck. Anyone that wants to have power should be scrutinised. 

How do you feel right now?

Not great. I have a million and one things to do but my bed comes first. We belong together. When I’m not with it I lose a part of me. 

What are you thinking about?

My back because it hurts. Also my blog because I have no idea what to write these days. 

What’s your favorite color?


What’s your favorite food?


What’s your favorite dessert?

Uhm. Chocolate? 

How old are you?

21 + x = A lady never tells. 

What have you learned today?

That most of us will always be under-appreciated in life. And that people suck. I already knew that last one but it is always an important lesson to learn and remember.

What was your favorite subject in school?

English. Maths was a close second.  

What do you do?

I do a lot of things. Right now I’m being evasive. 


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I snark about things. I'm also a señorita who used to have picture of D-List actors as her avatar. Now it's a pen. So... expect greatness from me. Or something.

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