30 day flash fiction challenge (day one)

So apparently I’m doing this. For now. Here’s Day 1.

Day 1: an impulse buy leading to intergalactic warfare

So, here’s the thing. 

Life isn’t supposed to be like the movies. No, real life is mundane. Boring. Routine. 

When Dave goes to buy a book – yes an actual book – he’s not expecting to find a USB taped inside the middle (and yeah, turns out that a large chunk of the book is missing — literally). He’s definitely not expecting to find a note scribbled inside that says, ‘If you were unfortunate enough to buy this book AND bring it into your home, you’re shit outta luck‘. 
Even if something unsavoury is about to happen to him, the author of the note could have at least reserved some tact. 

Unfortunately for Dave, all of that happened an hour ago. 

Now he’s cycling at top speed and sorely regretting the burrito he had for breakfast. Somehow, the burn in his lungs and the gunfire exchange he just about managed to dodge seems to pale in comparison to the wanton gas rumbling around in his system. 

He really is shit out of luck.


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