Ten Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now

Seems like a good day for a list.

Ten Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now

1. Theresa May(hem)

Need I say more?

2. Trump and his cronies

Predictably, almost everything they’ve done since in power has either been ridiculous, disgusting or helpful to absolutely no one but themselves.

3. Award shows. 

Rich people congratulating themselves. Over and over. And over. And over. Enough already. 

4. The weather. 

Not this cold

It’s so cooooooooold. But I realise that this is a first world problem.

5. Not being able to write as much I used to.

I miss it, man. 

6. Being sick. 

Just ugh. I feel gross. I look gross. I am gross. Fuck everything. 

7. PMS and sugar cravings

See 6. 

8. Travelling during rush hour. 

Yo. This is the most awful part of my day. Arms in my face. No room to breathe. People somehow finding space to yap away on their phones. The way it is always a million degrees inside. The uphill battle to get out of the station.


9. The fact that I keep buying new shoes. 

Self, you’re supposed to be saving up. Stop it. STOP IT. 

10. Not having any time

I’m tired all the time. That means I am less motivated and less productive. And that makes me feel like shit. 

So yeah, I’m an unhappy bunny at the moment.

Response to ‘Ten‘.


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