30 day flash fiction challenge (day nine)

This can be read alone but also kind of go together with Day 1 and 18.

Day 1 > Day 18 > Day 9

There are many reasons why Dave could have been kidnapped. The pet goldfish that he accidentally overfed. The cute redhead he glared at after she almost trampled him with her bicycle. In short, karma. Karma has come for him. And Dave senses that it has something to do with The Sweater. See, he once had a friend called Chet. Chet was many things; and he had the kind of personality that came with having a name like Chet. He was a little crazy and possessive. If you touched his stuff, he would tee pee your life. Seriously, Dave was always still finding toilet paper in odd places two weeks after their arguments.

Anyway, Chet had this soft blue sweater that seemed to be a bit with the ladies. Dave, a colossal screw up when it came to dating, assumed that borrowing said sweater might improve his luck.

It didn’t and coincidentally he never saw Chet again. Calls went unanswered. Texts ignored. His emails presumably languished in Gmail purgatory. Chet was just gone. And Dave was cool with that so long as the guy was okay. What he was cool with was having the lucky sweater.

He mailed it to Chet’s parents house only for it to return. Chet’s grandmother’s house. Same thing. And try as he might, Dave really couldn’t afford to keep mailing the damn thing. He put an ad on Craigslist, tweeted about it and hell, he even put up a poster in the damn library. That was extreme even for Dave. He didn’t go to the library on account of the How To Draw Manga book he accidentally poured a caramel mocha on one time. The head librarian had ironically been about three coffees away from wringing his neck.

In the end he left it on a park bench and pretended that he didn’t feel something dark lurking inside. A bad feeling and this weird sense of foreshadowing.

Now, as he lies on the floor and anticipates his fate, he wonders if that damn sweater was possessed.


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