The Real World: Trump Administration, Week 1.

supernatural snark

So, to sum up the first week of this reality shit show:

There’s aNational America Done Fucked Up Day

Lies by Trump’s surrogates will no longer be known as lies but as ALTERNATIVE FACTS

now with wiki page lmao

…otherwise known as delusions.

Legitimate news is hereby known as fake news.
The Wall™ is happening. Yes, billions of tax dollars will be spent on a wall as opposed to spending them on the people who pay the majority of that tax (hint: this group does not include Trump because he’s ‘smart’ and his friends are equally as smart. And rich.)

The Muslim Ban™* isn’t a Muslim ban, but you know, the priority will be Christian refugees.

People – including refugees – were being detained at airports simply because of where they’re from. But that’s fine because you know, ‘fuck them.

Green cards now mean fuck all if you’re from…

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