I’m blue da ba dee da ba die.. | JusJoJan, 30.

I’m not the kind of person that has a specific piece of jewellery every day. Usually I will wear a gift constantly until one day I don’t. The exception was the black jelly bracelet I wore religiously to feel close to my ex-TV-boyfriend, Sam Winchester. 

I was so cool

In most cases, I forget that I even own most of my jewellery pieces. 

Except for one. Well, two. My bright pink button earrings and this blue and silver necklace I received as a gift many years ago. It was a silver dolphin jumping over some kind of blue pearl. 

Similar to this but not really

The girl that gave it to me was a close friend once but no longer. Yet somehow I always remember that necklace. I’ve searched high and low for it online but I have never seen anything that is truly similar. It’s no longer with me and that saddens me. It’s just a piece of jewellery and hey – I bought another dolphin necklace. It’s purple, adorable and I did not remember buying it for about a year. 
I seriously shouldn’t be hung up over a piece of metal but I am. 

Why? Well, I suppose because it reminds me of when my life was sort of stress free. Not entirely stress free because my life has always been crazy. But back then things were easier and I had less responsibility. I was freer.

Plus that necklace was seriously pretty. In some ways, the fact that I lost it makes me feel awful. If I truly cherished the gift would I have been so careless? Probably, because I’m fairly certain that I have undiagnosed ADD, but still. I will try to be careful in future. These days, I keep my gifts in one place and squee all over again when I happen to come across them. 


There are days when I find myself wishing that I find that particular necklace one day so that I can run my finger over that blue pearl and remind myself of a time when things were better. 

And also show it off because it was a kickass necklace. 

Response to the Jan 30th prompt of ‘Blue‘.


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