February Letters | #2: Sometimes I Wish You Didn’t Exist

If anyone wants to join in I’m gonna be tagging these with #FebLetters17 from now on. So. Yeah.


An open letter to technology

Dear Technology,

Sometimes I wish you didn’t exist. I am with you for the better part of my day and somehow, I kind of hate you.

Well, not you you, but the effect that you have on people. 

You’ve made life better. I mean, without you, I’d still be writing in a diary at glacial pace (miss you, diary) and I’d have no outlet. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to channel my snark somewhere. I’d have no voice.

Without you, medical advances won’t have been made, everything would take twice as long. Without you, many of us would suffer.

That being said, maybe you’re not the problem. Your users are the issue. They’ve become demanding, impatient and narcissistic. They think that their lives are worth 24/7 broadcasting but that they’re also entitled to privacy at the same time. They use you to portray false realities and others use you to fall for lies, to be misled.

Now, it sounds like I’m blaming you, but I’m not.

All I ask is that you somehow convince your masters to create some kind of idiot detector. Wait. That’s what Twitter is, right? Kind of like a live idiot detection site.

Hm, there you again, Technology. You’re way ahead of me. Sometimes I just can’t keep up with you. Sometimes I don’t want to. Sometimes I need to.

Or maybe you could slow it down a little. Please?

Lots of love and procrastination,



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