30 day flash fiction challenge (day twenty)

I will make a page with these on soon. For myself mostly but whatever.
I’m jokingly calling this challenge Scenes Of A Dave-ious Nature.

Here’s Day 20.

Dave’s predicament ends on a strange note. One minute he’s on the floor and the next, he’s struggling to get out of bed on account of the fully body fog he’s currently experiencing. His phone rings, and really, he wishes that his special ringer for his brother wasn’t Lady Marmalade. It’s too loud, too Christina Aguilera and now he’s got an ever bigger headache.

He begins to wonder about his brother, John. Yeah, his parents weren’t really feeling adventurous when naming their children. And in some ways Dave doesn’t mind that. Being accidentally kidnapped by scary dudes dressed in black was quite enough excitement, thanks. Still, that stress pales in comparison to how he feels about John.

John, his perfect baby brother. Being an older brother is hard work. Especially when growing up in a black family. Family means more than just blood. Family makes the difference between who ends up on the streets and who doesn’t. So Dave looks after John.


Dave has his degree, his masters and a relatively well paid job at a university.

John is a street rapper who pays his way with mixtape exclusives and more dirty laundry than Dave had when he was twenty-three. John forces Dave to buy him marmalade like it isn’t the most disgusting thing ever. He loves it, he raps about. It’s a problem but…as far as loves go, it could be worse.

Sometimes John pisses Dave off. The days when his flow is dead and the rhymes won’t come. When John is slouched on the couch in his sweats eating far too much processed food.

Sometimes he thinks get a real job.

Sometimes he’s right there with him, wallowing in his own self-pity.

Most of the time, though, most of the time he’s just glad that John has found something he’s passionate about. That John isn’t lost to the streets. That he did his job as a big brother.
They’re alive and they don’t hate each other.

Hell yeah, his Momma better be proud.

So when the phone rings, he picks up on the high note.

“Dude, you’ll never guess what I dreamt about,” John blurts out excitedly.

Dave doesn’t really want to know either but John’s his brother. His family.

It won’t do him any harm to just listen.


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