I’ve got 99 bobby pins and I can’t find 1

This is a response to the prompt for #SoCS Feb. 4/17 found here

I have reasonably nice hair. At the moment it’s black and brown. Brown from when I dyed it last year. I hate that it hasn’t faded yet but I am too lazy to dye it black. I don’t want to end up with that artificial black colour that comes out of a box.

If I could name a list of things that drive me crazy, hair would be number 7 on the list. Some days, it goes into my tiny bun nicely (always a bun because I hate that it’s short). Most days, it’s a battle of getting it to stick down. I always use a million hair clips and headbands to cover up what I see as deficiencies. It looks weird at the front, it’s too short at the back, it’s too short. IT’S TOO SHORT. TOO DRY. TOO GREASY. TOO FLAKY. TOO FLAT. 

My hair issues know no limits.

I never know what to do with it and that always stresses me out somewhat. When it’s in braids, it’s like one less thing to worry about, but then I start to miss it. It’s kind of weird.

In a way, it reminds me of life. It’s different each day, but sometimes a routine can make it seem the same. But random things can occur just like a random hair can be out of place. When there’s change, you long for the past. When things become to monotonous, you long for change.

Some days, you barely even think about it. I look at people with perfect hair and wonder where they find the time. I certainly don’t have time to curl and straighten and whatnot. I could make time but I like my sleep. And I’m not looking to impress anyone. Well. Except for myself, but that’s difficult when you’re a lazy perfectionist.

So, I guess I’m going to keep clipping and reclipping for now. And going crazy when I can’t find ANY clips or pins.

They must vanish along with the socks when they come alive at night.


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