The Thread That Is Life (#SoCS)

I have been making bracelets for the past few hours and remembering all of my various hobbies. I’ve always been a creative person but it’s funny how I always think I’m as boring as plain toast. Over the years, I’ve had some interesting hobbies and I think that makes me toast with strawberry jam on it at least.

Hobbies include(d): 

  • My bracelets. At the moment, this is what I do when I need to de-stress. It’s super frustrating because I am so slow at it. However, it’s worth it when I get to slide my creations on. I tend to leave home with at least one and somehow I feel calm whenever I glance at it. So, dropping beads and having to start all over again is worth it. Sometimes. 
  • Sewing. I was awful at it but this was before Twitter and Facebook. I’d buy a cheap sewing kit and work on fixing my clothes and sewing buttons and whatnot. Dropping the needles was a total bitch, though. 
  • Painting. Yes, I was a tortured artist who painted beaches and sunsets. 
  • Writing. “Oh, you’re a writer?” People always seem so impressed by it and I’m just thinking, “Everyone is!” However, I have quite an extensive body of writing and even though I’m not going to win any awards for it, it still counts. That’s what I try to remember when I’m beating myself down. 
  • Building up a notebook collection: This totally counts. 
  • Video editing: This is something I miss a lot but I haven’t had any inspiration for a long time. And of course I lost interest just as I started to get really good at it. Life, eh?

And the obvious one: blogging

Blogging is pretty cool, I think. Not even in a getting a lot of acknowledgement sense, but just a sense of achievement and I think nowadays that’s important. We see success stories every day that we could only dream of emulating but there’s no harm in the small successes. Like blogging once a day, once a week, whatever. 

Life is kind of like a thread. Sometimes it stays in place and doesn’t change. Sometimes it frays and goes in a different direction. Sometimes it floats in the wind and no one catch it. 

All I know is that there are different levels to being boring and right now, I’m content with mine. 

My level of boring

Response to the Feb 11th SOCS prompt.


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