Quote of the Day

Or night. Morning? I don’t know. My days kind of blend into each other. Anyway, here’s the quote:

My week has been a mixed bag, it’s been a lot of just work, bad sleep, work, worrying, bad sleep, work and so on. I have a day off at least so hopefully I’ll get some good sleep within the next three days. 

The worst thing that happened to me this week was this, though. I was sort of slowly making my way to sleep and I went bouncing into a room bounce bounce and then as I was on my way out, something went twang in my right foot. It hurt like craaaaazy. I had to limp my way to bed. I thought nothing of it because I’m me. Clumsy is in my DNA. However, three days later and it huuuuurts. If I put too much weight on it then trouble and wearing shoes has been an issue. For the most part I can walk but it’s a bit swollen at the moment. 


Life always seems to be happy to be that extra shitty when I don’t need it but whatever, hopefully it’ll be better soon.

Other disappointments include me discovering that something I thought had happened technically didn’t. I tried to enquire about it but received no responses (sigh…). However, I won’t be deterred because I kind of need this to happen. So I’m going to start the process all over again. Normally I wouldn’t but life has been sort of of haphazard since October and I’m finally getting back on track, so I’m going to try and keep focused this time. 

Wish me luck! 😉


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