The Curious Case of the Missing X 

Once again, I’m here to bitch. What can I say? People just bring it out in me. 

I will be talking in code here because you know, the internet is what it is.

  • I signed up to do X.
  • I was put into the process and completed X within the time limit.
  • X was accepted and checked twice. 
  • I was paid for X. I was told that X would be available on a certain date.
  • I fucked up and didn’t check.
  • By the time I did X wasn’t there.
  • I asked about it and after a while I was told that I had made some mistakes.

Uh…and nobody could tell me? I’m not disputing that I made them but they could have informed me and given me a chance to fix ’em.

I am a little bit annoyed about this because bad communication irritates me (even though I am the worst offender at times).

Anyway, the lesson here is: set yourself a million reminders if you’re a ditz like me. People don’t care if you are busy, they will leave it to you to chase them. And I am the worst person at chasing other people down. I will dither and dilly dally until I am forced to do something. I’m the worst kind of procrastinator!


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