February Letter | #4: Please Don’t Lean On My Head


Dear Fellow Commuters,

I really don’t need to say this, but rush hour sucks. We squeeze ourselves into a carriage and forgo personal space and it’s hot, sweaty, unpleasant and a general nightmare.

That being said there are things we can do to make it better for ourselves. If you have a relatively full backpack – take it off your shoulders. It makes my life easier, your life easier and stops you from potentially crushing someone’s ribs. Your phone? That can stay in your pocket. If you need to text, wait until there’s some space, if you need to call, use earphones. There’s nothing worse than someone so busy on their phone that they use you to hold themselves up all while digging their arm into you. Half of the time, these people are reading stupid articles or playing games (and no I’m not looking, just briefly drawn to the person that’s almost fallen on me twice).

Speaking of people leaning on others, look, I get it. There’s no space. You desperately want to hold onto something so that you don’t fall. However, you have to use your common sense. If you arm is extending so far that it’s touching someone…please make sure that you’re not injuring them.

Please don’t lean on my head.

I had a guy who spent the entire ten minutes resting his arm against my head. I had to crane my neck as a result because I can’t handle pressure on my head – it leads to headaches and I was already on my way to a major headache (lol), I didn’t need another one. In the end I had some serious shoulder pain the next day from the awkward way I was standing.

One more thing, if you want to get off – get off. If you don’t, stay in one place. Just yesterday one dude started pushing past me at the second to last stop. I moved for him and he just stood in my place.


I rolled my eyes and didn’t say anything but making unnecessary moves is my number one transport pet peeve. If they’re going for a seat, fair enough. Anything else that doesn’t result in them getting off is just a step too far.

Public transport is stressful, guys.



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