Fraturday Thoughts


Of course, I am all about being positive so….Friday didn’t suck as much as previous days, it was just not as pleasant as I’d have liked it to be.

Sleep didn’t come again (this time it might be my fault).

I was thinking about a friend of mine and wondering if we’ve called it deuces or we’re just on friend hiatus.

Work was…uh, it was work? Yeah, I love my job. Woo….

The good thing is that I’m actually passionate about something for once and I was up trying to get things together for it. I have the software and almost everything but…

I have more important things to do. I will try and prioritise so that I spend maybe a few hours on the important thing and then reward myself with my…uh, thing. I have no idea how to say it without saying it. And I don’t want to say it because right now it’s personal. I’m actually planning on making something just for the fun of it and not to share it and wait for hits, or comments (clue: it is computer related but it’s not writing!)

It feels really weird to truly enjoy something. I mean, there’s writing, but I do that all the time. It’s basically like a freelance job wherein I get paid nothing. I get paid in writer’s block, lol! Even though I know it probably won’t last, I’m just gonna roll with it and see how it all goes.

I guess doing something you enjoy is important, but yeah, I need to get better at actually making sure I do everything I need to and not just whatever hobby I happen to be into.

Like last week when my weekend was spent making bracelets! Sigh.



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