The deal: I’m trying to not become infatuated with someone but I’ve been failing miserably.

Current status: Ha. I’ve been failing miserably until today. Today, I made my own luck. I went out in search for red flags and clung onto the most tenuous one that I found. In a way, that I actually managed to sit through any video with no issue tells me that I’ve been lucky this time. When you watch something over and over you find yourself connecting with whoever is in it and it becomes a huge problem, depending on your personality. Mostly because the connection is false. So for me, it’s always easier to find one thing that makes me remember that I don’t know so and so and that I don’t particularly want to. 

Oddly enough what did it for me is that this person is normal. No glitz, no glamour, just an Instagram page full of pictures. They also have a shit ton of interviews up but my reaction was what the hell are they even saying? Do models have anything interesting to say? 

I’m sure that they do but the point is that I was in no rush to find out. I was just relaxed about it. My short-lived infatubssession (new word!) is over and for now it’s just a passing interest. 

Luuuuucky me. No, seriously, I need to get my life together and no hot model will help me with that. Unless they want to marry me and help me clear my student debt!

Written in response to ‘Luck’ @ The Daily Post here


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