06. Hobbies

Written for day 6 of the Gratitude Challenge. 

Hmm, well, last year I was away from home and it was hard. I wasn’t in a city and I couldn’t just go out and wander around in shops. No, that required a thirty minute wait for the bus or walking down and back up a hill. It made me so grateful that I live in a city. I’m sure that it’s a case of being used to something. Historically, I always find it hard to fit into new places. Sometimes I make it work but often I always feel like an outcast. 

Anyway, amidst all of the angst, I decided to order some beads and just take some chill time whenever everything got too much. I would make bracelets. Nothing spectacular, but it was more the actual making that seemed to soothe me somehow. I’m not sure what was do calming about it. I think the best part is that it’s a relatively straightforward hobby that comes with a reward at the end. My other hobbies don’t necessarily do that in such a short period of time, lol! 


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