Texture. Colour. Smells.

Days 12-14 of the gratitude challenge!

12. Texture

What now…okay, so. I’ve got nothing. I like the texture of…

I seriously have nothing. Uhm. Wait. CAKE. I like the texture of cake. Well, I like cake. And therefore, I like the texture of the sponge when it’s baked right. Particularly when it’s soft and light. And fluffy. I think I just described a body sponge but y’all know what I mean. 
I’m immensely grateful for cake. If I’m not married by 35, I’m gonna get hitched to a 33-tier Vanilla sponge. 

Something like this but BIGGER!

13. Smells

Baking. Fresh flowers. Shower gels. I like pretty smells. Simple ones. Our sense of smell is linked to our happiness in a way. We’re not happy when we smell something awful but something that smells great always makes us pause. It’s like a little pocket of happiness. A teeny, weeny one but one all the same! 

14. Colours

Red. Purple. PURPLE. I love green, red, black, blue but purple has my heart. I always buy purple accessories and everything. Everyone knows that purple is my thing. I don’t know. I feel like purple reflects who I am? That’s corny but that’s the only way I can describe it. I feel like I’m slightly better than those people who love pink. Purple is edgier, lol! I kid, I kid. I am grateful for purple because I love looking at it. All shades! 


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