Laugh. Smile. Hope.

Day 16-18 | Gratitude Challenge

My answers are getting shorter, but I’m still trying to keep it positive!

16. Something that makes you laugh

Bad Lifetime Movies! I have an odd sense of humour. I tend to amuse myself so I guess I’m the something!

17. Something that makes you smile

…hmm. I guess schmoopy, romantic stories. Usually in a this is so cringe but I’m smiling anyway kind of way, but hey, it all counts. Actually good stories make me smile. I like it when you read something and it takes you out of the present and into a rich world of well written characters. 

Is that cliché? Oh, well! Friends make me smile too! Most of the time.

18. Something that fills me with hope

Nothing? Well. People uplifting themselves from misfortune gives me hope. Not the made for internet consumption stories that you see now a day, but the real stories. If one person can turn their life around, we all can.


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