(J)amboree – #AtoZChallenge

Jamboree, or party to those of us living in the twenty first century. I could have waited until P but nah!

I am not a big partier. In fact the last party I went to was several years ago. And I went under duress. My graduation wasn’t really a party because it rained like crazy and ruined it all (typical of my life) and my last birthday was a simple flick and dinner kind of deal. So, yeah, I don’t party. As someone who’s in my twenties, I feel like society dictates that I should be out spending money I don’t have on various outing and social gatherings per week but…No. Even if I was invited anywhere, I’d probably decline.

Don’t get me wrong, parties are fun. Free food, free drink (definitely my kind of party!) or hanging out. However, fun for me has morphed into something else. Parties represent awkward situations. Drinking in front of people. Eating in front of them. Talking to them. Oh, my, no, no, no. Loud music? No. Drunk people? No. Loud people. No. There are so many factors that I would actively run away from that in a way, my lack of partying makes sense.

The only thing that I probably do lack is just letting go and enjoying myself. I don’t do that. Usually my enjoyment = watching bad movies and cackling away. And eating chocolate. I lead an extremely boring life, but you never know, that might change one day.


This is part of the A to Z challenge. Somehow, I am not as far behind as I thought I would be!


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I snark about things. I'm also a señorita who used to have picture of D-List actors as her avatar. Now it's a pen. So... expect greatness from me. Or something.

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