Day 23 – 30 | Gratitude Challenge

This is my last post for the Gratitude Challenge. I said I’d be positive and do it for Lent, and I have!

23. Peace

25. Intention

Sometimes, people do have good intentions but they go about in the wrong way. From a gratitude perspective, I guess it’s good to have someone that cares. However, sometimes, it comes across in a different way.

26. Movement

I’m thankful that all of my limbs are in working condition!

27. Stillness

I wish that I could live on a boat here. I’m scared of water, but still (ha still!). Anyway, I’m thankful that places like this exist. It makes for a peaceful hour on Pinterest every now and then!

28. Kindness


29. Letting go

I hold grudges. I won’t even front, I find it hard to let things go. However, I’m starting to see just how much energy that takes up. Sometimes you have to take a minute and realise that the other person doesn’t know how much they’ve upset you. I can’t force someone to understand what they’ve done. It feels good to just shrug and realise that you’re done with something.  I am fortunate in that I reach that point most of the time.

29. Self-care

I thank God everyday for my hot water bottle. That thing has gotten me through some hard times.

30. Myself

Lack of modesty aside, I honestly do make myself laugh. That’s my one good trait. My other blog is my novel to myself. I often read through my old posts and crack up. That I can amuse other people is just a bonus. I think the ability to make yourself laugh is one of the best things that a person can have.

Thank you to anyone who’s read along as I’ve done these – much appreciated!



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