I’m not weird

Screw that, I’m weird and I own it. 

Today was my first day off since February and it was disrupted. Every time it’s something, but whatever, at least I got a three day weekend. I’m hoping to have five days off towards the end of the month but if it wasn’t for my hair (I need a month to sort this mane out, let alone five days), I’d cancel them. I’d rather work for my money than sit at home and feel like I can’t relax. I haven’t had the mental peace that I need.

I need my mental peace badly. There’s only so much that coffee can do. 

I did do some journalling but the good that did rubbed off after a while. 

Anyway, I signed into Instagram for the first time in four years. Crazy. I spent most of my time deleting pictures. Mostly anything stupid and the one with my real name on it, as well as the one picture of myself. I wanted to delete everything but I figured I’d just leave it. It’s a nice mixture of random and liberal use of filters and I’m only on there to follow one person really (and when I’m over that, my ass is hopping off the ‘gram).

I am really resistant about using social media sites that actively encourage me to want to broadcast every single aspect of my life just because I feel like I need to, you know? If I think other people’s posts are fucking asinine (so so many, man, can you guys just buy a diary or scrapbook?) then mine are probably ten times worse. I’d rather buy a diary. Or a scrapbook. 

Just looking at Instagram made me feel very weird and uncomfortable. Click on the wrong place and you end up on all the celebrity posts and… Fuck that noise. My life is hard enough without having to wonder what editing software Selena Gomez is using to make herself look good. Not that I’d ever follow Selena Gomez. That is just an example. I have no idea what she does apart from sing songs that I thankfully do not hear. I’m sure she’s great. 

Anyway, yeah, everyone’s lives look so perfect on there. She’s posing in front of an amazing looking tree and he’s artfully posing in front of a panda or whatever. They’re all gathered together with Stepford smiles. Good for them but I don’t care enough to keep up with some kind of magazine special of people’s lives. 

Twitter is as stupid as ever, same vapidness and general narcissism but at least there’s some worldly conversation if you look in the right places. 

Snapchat. Ugh. 

I don’t even bother with Facebook these days. The energy it requires is too much. I’ve used it so sporadically since 2012 that my On This Day is often blank, lol. 

There’s no way any of this shit is good for anyone but Silicon Valley billionaires. 

Ah, well. 

That was my day. I hope everyone had a better day. 🙂


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I snark about things. I'm also a señorita who used to have picture of D-List actors as her avatar. Now it's a pen. So... expect greatness from me. Or something.

2 thoughts on “I’m not weird”

  1. Well… Hmm I broke a nail and complained about in on facebook… If you are really interested in the ridiculousness of that post Ill cut and paste for ya. That’s my typical FB day… today its about velociraptor awareness. If you didn’t know today is Velociraptor awareness day… so be Careful, brush up on safety tips. 🙂

    Congrats on the day off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I don’t even mind the mundane updates, but rather those people who broadcast every thought in their head multiple times and hour for no real reason other than that they require attention.

      Everything has an awareness day these days. Is there an Awareness Awareness day? 😛

      Thank you, I wish I had one today! 😢

      Liked by 1 person

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