Make Your Own (L)uck

I’ve never really gotten that phrase. How can you make your own luck? By definition luck is:

the things that happen to a person because of chance : the accidental way things happen without being planned

How do you make something that isn’t planned? I think the better term is you make your own fortune. That might sound pedantic but as someone who has bad luck, making my own luck doesn’t inspire me in any way. That would mean that I’ve been making my own bad luck. I refuse to accept that. 

If there was some chemical formula for luck, fine, but there isn’t. All of the life hacks and tips on making your own luck are so ridiculous as well. I should be more social. Why? How is being more social going to make me rich? Well. Actually, it probably could. Okay so, that was a bad example. 

Anyway, fine. If I can make my own luck, I should be able to unmake all of the negative luck that I’d rather do without. So, internet. I’m ready. Tell me how to do it. 

Toss some salt over your left shoulder or add salt to your next bath.

I only have a shower, so. And really, I’d rather not clean up salt that I needlessly tossed over my shoulder. 

Burn sage or incense, such as sandalwood or jasmine.

I generally stay away from candles and anything that can be burnt. Bad luck isn’t a joke, you know. 

Carry protective charms, such as keys, shamrocks, or horseshoes.

…protective charms. Do my house keys count?

Turn on all of the lights in your home or light a few candles, preferably 2 white and 1 orange.

Turn off the lights. Nope. I trip up in broad daylight let alone without lights. I’m not going to tempt fate. And again with the candles? Hell, no. I don’t play with fire. 

Use crystals and stones, such as black tourmaline, labradorite, or amethyst

What do I do with these stones? 

Keep these crystals or stones in your home, place of work, or carry them on your person.

Oh. That’s doable. Until I inevitably lose them. 

Do a good deed 

…maybe. I can get down with this one. The rest seems like too much work. 

Perhaps that’s the problem. 


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