opinionated -#AtoZChallenge 



expressing strong beliefs or judgments about something

having or showing strong opinions

I am often told that I like to argue but I don’t. I’m just very much interested in getting my point across. That’s all. I also like to have the last word and I’m a bit of a know-it-all (it’s not deliberate, I just retain facts and need someone to spout them to, surely that’s understandable? No? Fine).

I don’t mean to be opinionated but I just am. I would say that we’re all opinionated…Just some more than others. In my case, I am an analyst. I’m always thinking about things and trying to figure out what I would or wouldn’t do and that makes me form opinions. 

Well, most of the time, sometimes I’m just being annoying. I can’t help it. Even a broken clock is annoying twice a day. Or something. 

Yes, I often find myself speaking before I think and often that lands me in hot water and I seem to enjoy getting burnt. There are always the warning signs. I mean, once I don’t hear ‘I agree’, I should probably shut up, but I like discussions. I like hearing different opinions. If I could do that without the other person expecting me to agree with them (after they’ve already disagreed with me), everything would run smoother. 

There are a few people that know how to deal with me. They let me blather on and then change the subject before I’ve even realised what’s happened. I salute them for saving us time because half of the stuff I argue about is so asinine that I don’t even care anymore by the end of it. These days, I try to end conversations with, ‘well, that’s just my take on it’ but no one wants to hear that, lol. Either you argue too much or you’re not confident enough to say you’re mind…You can’t freaking win with people. 

Usually, breaking out an emphatic anyway and engaging in some subtle deflection works and then I write a snarky post about how stupid the other person is. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. But maybe I should

Nah, too lazy. 

I’m trying to get better at not coming across so strong and I think it’s working! But still, there’s always that one person who refuses to let it go until you agree with them. Or they react badly when I say that I don’t care what they think because I have a mind of my own. Perhaps that’s rude, but some people need that stern warning when they start to take it too far. 

Ironically enough, the easiest people to argue with these days are Trump supporters. Mention his name on Twitter and if you’re lucky one will come out from somewhere. I never engage with them. I have replied to a few of them with my standard line about only arguing with ‘intelligent people’, LOL. They usually go away after that. I think more people should take the same stance. 


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