overthinking – #AtoZChallenge 

I was going to write about how I over think everything but, well. Instead I wrote an example!

I think I’m too jaded for Instagram.

Well…That didn’t last long. I’ve had it for a day and I’m done with it.

So, to recap, I signed into my account for the first time in years recently (initially I wanted to delete it but I settled on deleting everything that identified me and then I deleted more). 

After taking the painful decision to unfollow Nick Carter (he was the only celebrity I was following which amused me to no end), I unfollowed some of the people who have deleted all of their pictures (or never posted?).

Next, I was directed into following people. Okay, I said, let’s see who’s coming up. Fair enough, it was people that I know. I followed a couple. And then I decided to just follow the one profile I look at via web because if I have the app (which I can’t delete from my damn phone), I might as well. 

What I saw when I went to search for it was horrifying. Jared Padalecki. Jensen Ackles. Nick Carter! (I wasn’t guilted into following him again, ha!) Even more celebrity bullshit. I’m guessing that I follow people who follow them and that’s why it happened to come up like that but given that I avoid these things like a plague, I swore to myself that I’d never end up on that dark road again. Never. Never ever. 

After that, I was wondering what to post on there. Unlike most people, I accept that my life is boring and I don’t take pictures of every waking moment. If I did, it would just be a catalogue of bad hair days and trust me, nobody needs or wants to see that. I’m also too lazy to be worrying about angle or whatever stupid facial expression looks the least stupid (shout out to the duck lips selfies). In the end, I decided that I would abstain from posting anything. I did post one picture and thankfully, that was enough to chase away the random dude with three pictures that followed my dusty account.This guy had even less pictures than I did. I don’t know where he even came from but it was weird. 

Following that I then discovered that the bar at the top was the Stories feature… I’ve been hearing about it but seriously, isn’t Snapchat enough? I don’t need to see or hear anyone that much, I take my antisocial behaviour very seriously (which begs the question of why I’m even on Instagram…). 

I eventually ventured into my following tab and… I was hit by a question. What’s the point? Not sure what I meant, but let’s go with what’s the point of my presence? Weve already established the fact that I am boring, too lazy to post anything, never using the search function again, only really on it to look at one profile (and I might need an intervention for that), not interested in the stories feature, not really interested in any of it. I mean, yeah, friends and all that, but I’d rather text them tbh.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out the point before I realised that it’s because it’s apparently the norm to be on these things. Someone at work asked me if I had Instagram and I replied with, ‘yeah, but I don’t use it’, and then other people ask you as well and I’m just like, ‘even if I did, it would be so boring that you’d wish you never asked’. 

I went through the same thing with Snapchat weeks ago before I abandoned that. Some people live on Snapchat, man. In the end, I got bored of it. I still lurk occasionally, but my days of snapping are over. All I did was post awkward selfies and I wasn’t joking about the bad hair days. No one needs to see that shit.

Second point, I don’t want to be that person that falls off the grid (although, let’s face it, I am beyond that point). I feel like every time I talk to someone the first thing said is, ‘it’s been awhile!’ and I go from ‘has it?’ to ‘shit, I haven’t spoken to this person in years‘. However, I think sometimes in life that’s just the way it is. I’m the kind of person that takes two months to reply to an email. I blame other people for making me this way, LOL. 

So, I will be banishing to Instagram to lurkdom, the same way all social media sites seem to end up for me. 

Interestingly enough, clarity came from Yahoo! Answers. The answer said, ‘some people like it, some don’t’. I’m part of the latter and that’s okay. 

Honestly, I’m good with flicking through WordPress and the occasional tweet. I’m writing this post so that the next time I jump back into Instagram, I can come here and see that anything that generates this much over thinking is best to be avoided, lol. 

To conclude, I have issues. I’m working on it. Lol!


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